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10 Things Nepalese Youths Learned From Life Abroad



“While communicating, people here always put other people in top. They don’t try to impose that he/she is the boss. It eases the conversation. Quite contrary to us. We always like to be dominant. We all like to be dai.” — From Japan

“There is a proper system for everything, each and every process is transparent. Affable, helpful behavior in public service offices and overall great customer service. Few days ago, I saw a poster from Bhat bhateni supermarket, posted on Facebook which said “you can touch the plates but if it falls and breaks, you must buy it “. This doesn’t happen here.”  — Rishav Aryal, Canada


“ I am currently at New Delhi things that made me amazed was about manageable roads with greenery everywhere no any pollution neat and clean environment etc.” — Santosh Shah Thakuri

“Two things: People mind their own business, and are responsible enough about what they do. It’s not only about freedom, but also how you use that freedom. Government is efficient, but only because the people are helping.” — Swaraj Rimal, USA

“This is not to say that UAE is the safest place on earth, or that crimes don’t happen in here. But if you are familiar with cosmopolitans, you will notice the difference in UAE. Whether a male or a female, you will notice that you can walk almost anywhere in the city at three o’clock in the morning without fear of being attacked or hassled. You can leave your car running, apartment open, laptop bag on a chair in a coffee shop and you are sure that they will be untouched by the time you come back. This is in large due to the fact that UAE has a strict policy of deportation of criminals, as well as the fact that most residents are professionals who are benefiting from their presence in the city and they don’t want to jeopardize that fact.” — Aashim Ghimire, UAE


“Honest and dedicated to their work. In traffic jam their vehicles stays in que which means theyfollow the rule with patience. A society where boys don’t stare to girls even if girls looks too sexy. Women have given more priority by law and society. Rational and reasonable thinking in every aspect of life” — Phurpa H Thongso, Israel


“encourages in every good things, guides 

very well, doesn’t judge if you are a girl and have lots of guys as friends or you are a boy who only get along with girls, respects every individuals believing each person is different, strong consciousness of everyone’s rights, and most of the people of here are really touched with NEPAL AND NEPALESE PEOPLE AND their GENEROSITY.” — Dôlmà DôNg, France

“Not being judged by others for being a “KT Manche” like in Nepal. I have got freedom to wear that I like, I can do the job that I like without hesitation, I can come and go out of home whenever I want, I can drink, I can smoke, I can study, I can think about my career, I can dance, I can sing and so on so on…..and all without being judged. Mostly I love the opportunity that Australia has to offer. To be succeed u need to be rich but in Australia most of the time you need skill and experience. I hated to be born as a girl back in Nepal due to so called society. I love Nepal but I am proud to say that Australia is my second home country.” –Mohini Gurung, Australia

“Respect to every professions, great work ethics, discipline, hardworking and down to earth people. “ — Sadikshya Neupane, Norway


“Danish welfare system; subsidized by the state and Denmark has one of the highest taxation level in the world .Therefore, citizens have free access to education and hospital. – Trust and belief to the state – simple, clean design and architecture. – No matter whether you are boss or a general staff they love bike to go office and home. – law and order.” — Rajesh KC

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