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7 Signs Of Shallow People



Shallow people are the last in the list of people that I would like to hang around or build any kind of relationship with nor I would hire or team up with.  To me, they are synonym of ignorant, synonym of judgmental. that A-hole, that bitch, that “Dukhi Aatma” who has superficial opinion on everyone and everything.  They have this very narrow definition of people and world, who judge you instantly, a perfect example of jerk, a shortsightedness brain damanged, who live in present and can think only of present.  They are called shallow because they lack depth in their thought process.
I sum up shallow people in these 7 points.

1.  They Are Stereotypical

Stereotypical people are the kind that have world views and perspectives based on popular belief and sayings in society and circle they belong to.  Let’s take Nepali society for reference.  “Bahuns are greedy.”  “Mongolians are ‘matwali.’ ”  “Biharis are con.”  “Foreigners are sex obsessed.” These are few examples of stereotypes that exist in Nepali society.  For whatever reasons that these stereotypes came into existence, truth is it’s a broad-generalisation and is completely wrong to do so.  Shallow people are very stereotypical.  “That guy is Bahun? oh, leave it, am not going to do business with him…they are so conning.”  “I don’t like to date Muslim guy.  They are so narrow minded.”  Some examples on how shallow people talk.

2.  They Are Very Materialistic

They value physical properties, assets, gadgets, devices, apparels, or anything that is material over non-material things like intellectuality, wisdoms, knowledges, etc.  For example, a guy with iPhone 6s, wearing branded clothes, who rides around in expensive car is more valued by shallow people than a guy with great knowledge and wisdom and spirituality.  Shallow people get easily carried away with expensive stuffs, exotic and elite places.  They praise somebody for materials they own.  They enjoy and appreciate you if you gift them materialistic stuffs but will bore to death if you do deep talk.

3.  They Are Very Judgmental

Being judgemental means building a strong opinion about somebody instantly without any proof or validations or verifications.  “I met this girl in a party and she is such a slut”  “His English sucks.  He surely is a college drop out.”  “He goes around in public vehicle.  He surely got no money.”  Life is no all sunshine and rainbow.  Sometime we may meet somebody in wrong circumstances.  Sometime we may meet somebody who does not walk the regular road.  It needs time to understand any human and their activities.  You cannot just pass judgments just because you felt so at that point in time.  This is what shallow people do.  They are too quick to pass judgment.

4.  They Put Physical Attractiveness Top In The List

For them, teacher should be good looking to enjoy the class.  For them, friends should be good looking to hang around.  For them, partner should be always at his/her best.  They are just so so obsessed with how one should look, what height, what weight, what color he/she must have.  Anyone that doesn’t meet her/her definition of “physically attractive,” they think are to be ignored, disrespected, devalued.  Shallow people are just not taught that there are all kinds of humans in world, still equally capable, equally good, equally helpful and generous.  You know you are hanging with shallow people if they pass comment on somebody’s looks and physical traits.  They often bitch about those that they don’t find physically attractive and often praise those they find physically attractive.

5.  They Totally Suck In GK And IQ

Well, whatever mentioned above is a result of lack of broad knowledge and understanding of diverse nature of world and depths, along with poor intelligence effecting thought process and decision making.  You just ask them any basic general questions and they know nothing about.  Their head is just filled with opinions and gossips and narrow definitions and perspectives fed by TV and family and their kinds.

6.  They Are Labile In Thought Process

Your belief dictates your actions, your belief defines your values.  A belief system is a paradigm of a human hooking to which a person discovers values and principals based on which the person move furthers, interprets worlds and philosophies.  Shallow people just don’t have any belief system.  They keep changing their beliefs per the influences.  One moment they are conservative when influenced by conservatives and another moment they are liberals if influenced by liberalism.  This labile nature in their thoughts and belief process is pretty prominent in shallow people.

7.  They Suffer From Shortsightedness

Since shallow people lack depths in decision making and interpreting, they just can’t calculate any long-term consequences of their present actions, nor they really care.  They just float in present.  Their priorities, their attitudes, their concerns are all momentary.

These shallow people are worst to date with, worst to plan anything with.  Kind of like living with Identity crisis, living without purpose, lost and confused.   No one can fix them but time itself.  Until then, I prefer to engage less….stay away from.