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Fishtail Air Crash: Unnoticed Murderers



As I got the news about “Fistail Air Helicopter crash” that killed all 7 people on board including a new-born child, I felt bad.  Really really bad, especially after knowing that the helicopter was boarded to take mother and her newborn child for treatment.  To make it worst, the pilot Ranjan Limbu was no other than a cousin of someone I know from Kaagmandu Magazine page.  I was quite traumatised.

Today morning, I woke up with the cover story in Kantipur, that states

The 19-year-old Preeti Gurung from a village, 30 KM far from district capital, with her newly-born 5-day-old baby were having a health complication post-delivery.  Since it is a village, there was no proper treatment centre.  Telephone tower was having technical issue for last several days making it impossible to make a call, and thus mother and kid were stuck at home with deteriorating health.  Finally, telephone service resumed, making it possible to make a call and contact Kathmandu-based friends and help networks.  Husband works in Malaysia.  Thus, father-in-law was the only male in house, who called for helicopter service to charter her and the baby to take to Kathmandu for immediate treatment.  There was no money at home.  They borrowed from here and there, collected total 1 lakh 30 thousands.  Father-in-law, mother-in-law, the mother and her new-born child, along with two others, one nurse and a relative boarded the ill-fated chopper that would meet the accident.

Preeti’s husband left for job abroad as soon as she got pregnant.  Chartering a helicopter every time when someone gets seriously ill is a regular affair in that village, because it takes 3 days to reach to capital of the district.  How 3 days? Well, one has to go by walk, because there is no road to ride a vehicle (apparently, there was a road and that has been damaged and since no repair has been done).

Whole village is mourning, social media users are feeling sad, media are expressing sympathies to Pilot Ranjan Limbu and the families by covering their stories.  Some are busy debating on why air safety is so vulnerable in Nepal.

Amidst, I don’t know how many really noticed a dark side of the story, the dirty reality in the story, that should pinch everyone of us, every policymaker, every civil servant, every politician.

These Disturbing Facts From The Story, We Must Not Overlook.


  1.   A man had to leave his pregnant wife and go abroad for work, when she would need him most, when he would want to be with her and see his bloodline coming to this world. WHO HAS FORCED THIS MAN TO LEAVE HOUSE IN SUCH SITUATION??
  2.  She had to suffer for couple of days with her new-born child.  WHAT KIND OF HEALTHCARE SYSTEM DO WE HAVE IN THIS COUNTRY??
  3.  Telephone tower was having issue and took couple of days to resume.  WHAT KIND OF TECHNICAL SUPPORT TEAM WE HAVE??
  4.  Roads were damaged so could not go to the district capital, as had to walk for 3 days to reach there.  WHAT KIND OF ROAD DEPARTMENT WE HAVE???
  5. Had no option but to take to Kathmandu.  What kind of country is this that every part of nation, and every people from across the country has to go to Kathmandu if something goes wrong??

Some are busy blaming pilot, some are busy blaming Fishtail company, some are busy blaming our geography and weather.  But to me, no one would have died,

  • if this country was not Kathmandu-centric.
  • If this country was not filled with lousy and incompetent “karmachari” and irresponsible/corrupted bureaucrats.
  •  If this country was not filled with visionless politicians and government who have no interest to promote job-creators.
  • If this country was not filled with selfish and lazy doctors that have no interest to work in remote place.
  • If this country was not filled with ‘bindaas’ citizens like us, who have no problem with whatever ways government runs, whatever ways bureaucrats run, whatever ways development projects run — chilled, relaxed, “yestai ho yeha” attitude.

We collectively killed a newly-born baby, the mother, the in-laws, the nurse, the pilot.

At least, let’s be sorry!!

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