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Playing With Reality: How These Young Men Are Changing The Way We See The World ( And How The World Sees Nepal)



A 360 degree view of Semantic Creation’s workplace where they do some fascinating work on virtual and augmented reality.

When semantic creation started their entrepreneurial journey from a small residential room at Dhulikhel two years back – coding and developing applications on their spare time-they barely knew that they had unknowingly stepped up for a life changing adventure. They were just a bunch of university students who wanted to apply what they had learned (not necessarily in classrooms though), aspiring to design softwares and mobile applications for the global market.

Fast forward two years, and now they are one of the most promising start-ups in Nepal’s IT market.

So, what do they do?

Though semantic creation at first started working on general android applications, they have now entirely focused on developing virtual reality based applications.
“When the massive earthquakes hit last year, it hurt us to see the turmoil of its aftermath. The architectural masterpieces in and around the Kathmandu valley had crumbled to rubble, and we felt like we need to do something to give a message to the world that Nepal is still beautiful as it is. Then we started working on virtual reality and designing an application that could let you see the 360 photos and videos of different places in Nepal. We traveled to the outskirts of the valley, captured some amazing photos, and developed an application called Nepal VR with which you can feel as if you  are ‘actually’ seeing the places first hand. All of you need for this is a VR headsest and your smartphone!”, says Bobby Basnet, a developer and semantic creation’s co-founder.

If you’re still wondering what actually virtual reality does, here’s a simple explanation:

Imagine that you want to go to a resort in a place you have never been for your upcoming vacation, but you have no idea how the place looks like. Virtual reality applications make it possible for  you to see the place, giving an immersive and real experience of touring there in real time. You can actually see if the bath-tub fits your size, or whether the balcony offers you a view of mountains. With this imaginative and intriguing innovation, we can easily decide whether or not we would want to spend our time and money in the given resort. This holds the same inference for other fields and markets, for instance, housing and real estate.

Well, we had pretty difficult times while memorizing all those chemical equations and the theories of physical science and the reactions that go underneath our cells, because we couldn’t visualize these phenomena with ease. But kids now wouldn’t need to lift that big rock. Virtual reality is such a tool that will help these children to easily visualize and understand even the most complex of natural phenomena. If effectively applied to school learning and practical researches, VR can inevitably boost creativity and innovative thinking. That’s what the world now needs more than ever.

Semantic creation now have realised this futuristic scope, and even they’ve achieved some milestones on their journey.  VisualiseVR, a semantic creation’s pipeline project was awarded the best seed-stage startup from Nepal by Seedstars World, a multinational platform that screens, assesses and supports potential start-ups for their eclectic growth. Visualise VR have now the opportunity to learn from a first phase intensive training at Bangkok before taking their venture to the final stage in Switzerland coming April.

For a small start-up basically run by such young men, it’s a huge achievement. They not will only be taking Nepal’s entrepreneurial scenario to international market, but will also help bring in foreign investors to Nepali market too. In this sense, it’s as equally a challenge as is an opportunity for them.

From tourism to data visulaization to marketing and VR training, VisualiseVR is aiming big for the days to come. They believe that if given proper technological back-up and support, Nepal can really be a hub for Virtual Reality development. Though the market is still small and it is hard to find investors and sponsors for large-scale Virtual and Augmented Reality development in Nepal, these guys believe that things are gradually changing. “There have been times when we had to shift away from VR projects because we were not even making ourselves sustain with it, but now that’s changed. A number of prospective collaboratories and investors have approached us lately, and we think that we can really take VR and AR forward to the global as well as local market now.” They say.

Nepalese IT workforce needs to take these things seriously, if we are to create more economic platforms for such innovative approaches.

Semantic Creation and Visualise VR are a source of inspiration for all the shrooming start-ups that aim for growth and impact in the community. We need to lend our support and admiration for their upcoming projects. We wish them the best of preparation (and luck?) for their Seedstars campaign, and hope that they will be successful on linking Nepal’s IT market with latest global trends and developments.

You can download NepalVR by Semantic Creation from Google playstore and check out their amazing works.

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