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Pranav Joshi: The Man Behind The Scene.



How many of you know the guy in the picture?

I guess many don’t know him by looking at the picture.

Ever heard of the band X-marika? If you are Nepali rock music listeners, you must have heard about the band and the famous song from them, “Haamro Nepal.” He was the bassist from the band.

He is also the director of many music videos, few to name “Ragneeti” by Cobweb; “Tri Ratna” by Ani Choying Dolma; “Prakriti” by The Shadows.

Okay, not so familiar huh? Ever heard of a popular TV program called “Play It On?” He was the executive producer of the program.

Still not familiar? You surely would have heard the movie “Resham Fillilli.” He is the director of the movie.

Yes, the man behind all those works is, Pranav Joshi. It’s kinda weird isn’t it, that this multi-talented, multi-exposed and such a well-known figure in entertainment sector is barely known to mass?!

I recently got a chance to meet him in person and the meet is the reason why I am featuring him on this page because I was just so inspired by his humility and down-to-earth attitude.

To be honest, when I got a request from him to meet and discuss about each other’s work, all I knew about him was, a nepali movie director. As I met him, I was kinda surprised that he is quite younger than thought. He started sharing his past and present and plans for future. Throughout the talks, he no where bragged anything about him. Rather, he would give that adorable smile and share his past as if nothing to brag.

As we talked further, I got to learn that he is the man behind many things. He shared his media world experience, and entertainment business stories. He seems like a “been there, done that” man. No event fascinates him anymore, no personality he is left to meet and know.

He is now trying something new, something unusual for someone like him. And, that is, he is getting into IT world. He has this very big ambition in his bucket list that he calls Network magazine, a kind of social media network.

He is a good conceptualiser, great video editor, great photographer. All in all, he is a in-born visual artist, and now trying to take a chance in IT world. We had a great time together.

On the way back home, I was just thinking about him, his past and present, his humility and humbleness. Generally, people are so desperate for name and fame, and here I met a guy who loves to stay unknown. Some are so arrogant just because few videos on YouTube got extra 1000 likes and here I met a guy who been there and doing that for ages and still acts like “no big deal”

Been meeting many individuals lately, and Pranav Joshi topped the list, that I would like to meet again and again. If you are lucky, may you guys too get a chance to spend some time with him. You will definitely learn what a beauty a humble creature holds.

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