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Start-Up Account: Kushal Karmacharya (SP Events)



Kushal Karmacharya is Co-founder and Marketing and Business development director for SP Events a start-up in event and advertising sector.

1. Please tell us a little about your business.

We started S.P. events and advertisements formally in 2015. However, we had already begun operating since mid-2014. This enterprise is co-owned by 3 of us. We initially offered only event management services but later also began engaging in providing advertising services. We currently have 8 employees working for us. Our client base now includes multinational companies like Honda, Miniso, Being Human and Jabsons.
2. How did you come up with the idea for S.P. events?
I planned and managed a number of programs and events in my college days as a BBA student. Because of this, I always saw myself working in the field of event management. Gradually, I met people with a vision compatible to mine and that’s how we came up with S.P. events.
3. Please tell us about your initial investment.
Large investments are seen to be important for any given enterprise. While I do not deny this, it is possible to begin business ventures will small investments as well. S.P. events began with an initial investment of 2-3 lakhs and since, then it has been running on its own profits.
4. What kind of challenges did you face during your initial days as budding entrepreneur?
I don’t think starting an enterprise in Kathmandu as very challenging. Most of our industrial space remains to be saturated and thus we can really make the most out the resources – regardless of where we dive into. However, the lack of a supportive social system was one of the major challenges I faced during my early days as an entrepreneur. An absence of effective business consultancies who could guide us better during that time was also felt.
5. How do you view the company registration process of Nepal?
I personally believe that the company registration process of Nepal is somewhat demotivating. We were very confused during the registration process. For a beginner, our country’s company registration process is time consuming and again, demotivating.
6. Has S.P. events stood up to your own expectations of success?
Definitely our venture has stood up to my expectations so far. We did not think we would have big multi-national companies as our clientele in such a short period of time. Looking back, I think we have achieved a lot in a short while.
7. Where do you see your enterprise after a couple of years?
The field in which we operate demands new levels of creativity every day. As numerous multi-national companies enter Nepalese market every year, we need to grow in parallel terms. I will not say that we will be at the top of the advertising world within a few years from now, but I can certainly ensure you that S.P. events will have become a well-known brand in itself by then.
8. Do you have any suggestions for upcoming entrepreneurs?
Entrepreneurship is not what it appears to be through rose-tinted lenses. Money is important but vision, dedication and enthusiasm are much more important. As Kathmandu now-a-days is also being called the “Start-up Valley” of Nepal, it is the right time to join the entrepreneurial ecosystem for those who wish to do so.
Originally published in GEW.CO

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