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Start Up Blues-I



It’s so easy to find someone to chill with. But it’s so damn difficult to find someone to build with. Somewhere over the internet when these lines met my eyes, I paused for a while and scrolled down. Then I stopped and thought for a while. Those were some lovely lines.

And I remembered myself scribbling these rookie verses sometime back in my life:

Of men, wants are profuse,

To eternity their longing beholds

Sins or deeds, they bemuse,

When ‘desire’ by rule grows in folds.

Some desire to dine with the holies

Some to learn the mystics afar,

Some want rooms full of stories

with their doors still ajar.

Wishes by virtue,

are so strange

With time they rearrange,

The one thing

we don’t want this minute

Might tomorrow be-

a wishful appendage.

I might be wrong, but we all do want something from this line segment called ‘LIFE’. We’ve an inherent trait of pursuit, under whose shadow we crawl to find things that satiate our desires.  We realize too sooner in life that our time here is limited, so we’ve got to make the best out of what we’ve got.

That process of achieving- the real ‘how’- however might be idiosyncratic in nature. One may want to have fun all his life, go to bars and puff out smoke rings and get laid and snort cocaine every night, or one may want to travel to Africa and watch cosmos on his telescope or meditate his half-life through; it’s uniquely different from person to person what we want to cook out of life’s infinite recipes.

But as much people are unlike each other, there are those who are quite alike! By ‘like each other’ I mean sharing similar values in life, wanting to do similar things. This virtual place called Kaagmandu Magazine (and The messengers Club, of course) for me is one such spot where I found those people whom I’d love to say are like me, somehow. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all personally as unique as every other is (well not all of you love sad music, do you? Haha), but deep down all of us here share this common sentiment of solving problems, and creating a better world. Even without meeting in person and having physical presence, people here are so welcoming and supportive. There’s a strange aura about this club, and it makes me feel good that something’s seriously building in here! Yeah we chill out once in a while, but we see the bigger picture. We see the loopholes inside this world’s system and governance, we see the possibilities of business and economics, we see the science crying and we watch art healing. We hear trees sob when they get chopped off, we feel the mountains melting when coal mines jerk off tons of smoke, we see anger and dissatisfaction and bruises and burns. We see, we reach out, research, work, observe and understand. We learn, teach, share, receive and give back.

Serendipity works strangely for us if we dare to dream and do. Few months back I was no one, I did nothing but then I found these people whom I can trust to build with. I still am a nobody but I know that I can be somebody. And I believe everyone here can connect to this because we are those who seek change buy being the change, we’re those who want to get better with each day we live. Deciding to join this magazine while it’s still an embryo is a big responsibility over this silly head of mine, but I get this vibe that this is how it is supposed to be. We have a team that works like a family, and we share an unspoken deep bonding in between. The whole messengers club is a source of motivation when it comes to ideation and guidance. There is still much, much more to do; but things well started are almost half-finished, they say, and I can’t help being sanguine about this.

Now here I’m typing, breaking this night’s dead silence with my fingertips that make a rampant noise. But this noise is lovely. This is the tune of creating, a necessary dose of itching that builds up legacies. I come to a truce with this din, and I keep hitting my five years old, poor qwerty. Three o’clock, the clock just said. I’ve got to sleep now, there’s work to do tomorrow.

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