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Style Tips For Dressing Better



The sharpness of your wardrobe is always upon the details.There are small things that need to be considered in order to stand out of the crowd and look peculiar.Though most of the people try and make the dressing part complicated I want to simplify this and put this into following points.

1.Know Your Body:

Your body is your workplace , your experimental garage and you need to know your body properly before you put something on. You have to have a proper knowledge about your body before putting in or even buying any clothes. Mainly I classify men body into following basic types:

  1. The Heavy Lifter: They have a broad trunk along with large legs and wearing simpler wardrobe makes you look fat rather than fit.
  2. The Fit Athletic: This is the god of styling shapes as for you guys anything that goes in fits well. Try to accentuate the body that you have been working at with slim fit and normal fits.
  3. Chubby Cute: You guys are quite have hit the fat mark above athletics with a little beer belly.
  4. Big Sized: Big boned or Obese is what people usually refer this stage but I want to call this as slightly oversized.The best will be the loose fits but the styling is yet possible.

2.Buy What Fits:

Always buy clothes that fit you.When you walk into a store look for what you want then try a size. If you are a Large, try a medium once. Most of the men here in Nepal do not consider the size of what they wear but you need to. I admit that all the clothes do not fit out of the rack but tailoring is always a second option. For better fits try branded showrooms,they give a good value for the wear. If you are on a budget, try some stuff at the branded stores at least, that will give you a plain idea about how clothes should fit.

3.Plan Your Wardrobe:

Have you even been in a hurry,then put what came in your hands and left. Yes! I used to be the same but after I started planning my wardrobe the night before I never worry about it anymore. Sometimes the special piece of clothing is hard to find in a rush and we end up looking below our expectations which hurt confidence. So,try planning what to wear the night before. If you have shirts to wear press them properly, look if there are any loose buttons or stitches and for special occasions try the whole outfit, it will give you an idea about how you are going to look and how you ought to express.

4.Emphasize On Your Body:

Caring for your body for clothing is like designing your house for painting.Not all of have great looking houses but in the presence of necessary infrastructures we can build a better house and styling it is our artwork. So your body needs to be ready for styling at first. I suggest everyone stay fit and in shape so that you guys can dress effortlessly. Care for your body shape.

5.Follow Models Of Your Shape:

There are thousands of models out there and many of them resemble your shape and complexion. The models have clearly better ideas for dressing then you guys so following them can be helpful.Keep your body measurements and search for people out there. Talking about myself I have a broad shoulder and tapered lower body and I end up looking like a heavy lifter so I follow professional athletes like Triple H and also Sylvester Stallone.
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