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Part 1: Letter To My Daughter From Future



Hey Baby,

Welcome to the world.

I always wanted to have a baby girl and getting you is second best thing happened after your mom.  Much love.

I am writing you from the year 2016, long before you were born.  I don’t know about your world, but daddy’s world is crazy.  I have been working quite hard so that by the time I marry your mom, I must be capable enough to keep her happy and prepare for you and together, give best life to you.

But then, to make wish come true, there must be an action, there must be a determination.  You gotta pursue your goal, run with time.  It’s definitely not easy but then you keep me motivated — the distant future where my daughter will be coming to this world, and I don’t want to settle anything less than becoming her hero.

Daddy’s world is kind of stressful.  It’s lost in greed, stuck in political correctness, struggling to find new paradigms; human intelligence is judged based on income made; human bondings, love and empathy, coordination and cooperation are quite rare lately.  Despite of all, finding a way to survive, living uncompromised, getting works done, and keep moving on, has been life here.  That’s daddy’s life too but with your mom in life, things don’t look stressful.

Amidst all, I think of you.  I wonder what kind of world my daughter must be coming to live her life.  That makes me more responsible, more determined, more motivated to make this world a better place, just like many dads and moms out there working on making this world a better place so that no children from tomorrow have to pay for our shortsightedness and blunders.

I am sure your world is better now.  Our karma can’t go waste.

Okay, baby.  First day in this world.  I don’t want to write too many things and bore you.  This much for this time.  When you will be reading this, you will be already in your teen.  We will be talking on this then with mama and and our dog next to us.  It gonna be fun.

Today in distant future, you are born.  I hence will call you Nellie, meaning  sweet, beautiful girl, intelligent, creative.  That’s your name.  Hope, you will like it.  Your mama and me have already liked it.

Love you Nellie,

Your Daddy


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