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Nepotism In Nepal, as I saw



nepotism in nepal

Went for a driving license trial. Hundreds were in lines waiting for their turn to proceed. It was scorching hot, but everyone was bearing the heat and stress for their first license, a signature to freedom.

Then there came a man with his son (seemingly), went straight to the payment section, paid the amount caring less about others objections. “Power bhaaka Haru lie niyam laagdaina,” some were saying helplessly.

First lot was for scooter but then the son of this seemingly powerful man got the chance to give a trial. Good or bad, he failed to clear the test. Probably doesn’t matter!

There in the line, I was thinking:

“That young boy, riding on dad’s power, knows the taste of power, advantage of the power. This is probably not the first time for him and nothing new. He definitely has gone to a good school, will probably go to a good university, will probably get into a good position, get a role and responsibility to serve this country and people, either via private sector or the government. Will this boy that can’t stand in line like any other fellow citizen, who needs dad’s influence and power to attempt for a driving license, the easiest and simplest process, ever be the Obama-kind of figure or Cameroon kind of leader who stands in line and follows the due process?” I doubt. He knows the taste of power and the advantage. He is groomed that way.

I went on thinking,

“What is there to blame his dad! This man in his 50-60s is a product of feudalist/royalist society, but this boy? he is an educated youth from 2017, but he chose the dad’s way of doing things here. That’s sad!”

To whoever you are, if you are reading this, please try knowing the taste of life of common people. You missed jokes, you missed knowing people, you missed the moment of humans. There were so many things happening but you chose to boycott the line caring less about rules, procedures, ethics, values, the basic foundation of a civilised society.

It really didn’t matter to any of us for being delayed for few minutes because of your royal treatment. But then, you know? it feels really bad to see someone like you in 2017.

In case you don’t get your license home delivered and need to attempt for retrial, please be in line like any other fellow citizen. The heat, the stress is worth bearing, the moment is worth living, the commotion is worth observing. Above all, the practice will turn you into a man, a better man with humility, integrity, principles, values, morals and ethics. This boy must change to the man for the betterment of all.

No hard feelings. This is how we change.

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