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Kaagmandu = Kaag + Mandu; where Kaag means Crow.

Born as a Facebook page with the description “We are the messenger that tells you what goes in and around Kathmandu that matters to like-minded”, we have evolved into an online magazine on a mission of creating informed society through informative and educational content (and sometimes, entertaining ones just to make you go LMAO).

Did you know that crows are smart, intelligent and community-oriented? Well, so are we. “Progressive minds” is our community. To cut it short, we are THE MESSENGER of progressive minds, for progressive minds, by progressive minds.

Didn’t like how we introduced ourselves? Here is the nice sweet, cheesy, cliché professional one:

We are an online magazine based in Kathmandu, Nepal, aspiring to create content that informs and connects like-minded audience, through locally produced readable and/or watchable contents. Considering the hunger for useful information and entertaining content among the youth, we felt the need to feed that hunger and derive something productive out of it for greater good. Thus, our mission is to provide a platform to showcase potential and empower the changemakers of tomorrow through stories, opinions, work, activities and all possible means.

Either way, it means the same thing: WE ARE HERE TO PROVIDE YOU RELIABLE INFORMATION and stuff that should matter to you as a progressive, openminded global citizen on the Internet.

Thank you for trying to get to know us.