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Dear Photographers, professional or hobbyist



Imagine a website from Nepal, where when articles are written in the context of Nepal, all the images in there are of Nepal and Nepalese people.  Would not that be the best thing to have?  This country is blessed with beautiful people and places, and we don’t really need to look for images of other countries and people to fit into our write-ups and posters.

As you can see, this blog is basically filled with words and images.  As words come from writers, where do the images come from? It comes from Internet.  Now, if you look at those images taken from internet, primarily from websites like Unsplash, those images are of places and individuals outside Nepal.  When a writer writes an article on economy, we need to search on internet the right image that goes with the article.  When a writer writes about relationship, we need to search on internet the right image that goes with the article.  However, this is not how we want this website to be.  Honestly speaking, when we write about something, we wish to have images from Nepal; when we write about relationship, we wish to have couples from Nepal.

Imagine a website from Nepal, where when articles are written in the context of Nepal, all the images in there are of Nepal and Nepalese people.  Would not that be the best thing to have?  This country is blessed with beautiful people and places, and we don’t really need to look for images of other countries and people to fit into our write-ups and posters.

It’s not just this website but many blog sites from Nepal are compelled to do the same and also many small scale media websites from Nepal.  So how long shall we be lost in this paradox, losing our identity even on Internet??

This thought has led us to reach out to you guys who could contribute images for this website and our wall magazines.  We are in a mission of creating an informed society by spreading words and thoughts and knowledge and infos through our website and wall magazine.  This work demands lots of images and it’s not possible to produce all of them on our own.  So this is where we are seeking your support and help, and to start with, our request is simple.  Please upload photos taken by you to websites like tagging #nepal #nepalesepeople, etc.  Unsplash is a photo-sharing platform and all photos published on Unsplash can be used for free. So, basically it’s a photography platform for HD copyright-free photos.  And, whenever we are in need of photos, we will go to the website and take your photos from there.  This small contribution of yours will help many media and bloggers from Nepal to color their websites and blogs and contents with photos of Nepalese faces and places, be it career-related article or relationship or simple how-to-make-coffee article.

If thousands of people from around the world can do that, you photographers from Nepal too can do that, and one day, we all can be proud of you guys for changing the looks of many websites and blogs from Nepal with the small contributions of yours.

Thank you advance,

This website is in testing phase and we would like to request you to give us a feedback on your browsing experience. Thanks

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  1. Prabin Thapaliya

    February 21, 2019 at 2:13 am

    Have you heard of Neptos? They are already working on it.

    • Galab

      February 21, 2019 at 4:33 am

      Neptos is working on it but they have some arrangements to pay/ compensate to the photographers who have done hardworks and spent already a lit for their gears. Its really so shameful of kmagz playing the Nationality card and asking for free to use them commercially that too from Professional Photographer.. I want to ask kmagz do you privide your services for free …

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Arts & Literature

Thought For The Day: Education



This post is brought to you in collaboration with Admizz Nepal, an education consultancy for abroad study.

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“100 Greatest Nepali Songs” 2018 Nominees



We had done the survey within Kaagmandu Magazine community asking followers to recommend songs that can be listed in “100 Greatest Nepali Song of All Time until 2018.”  Songs released after 2015 were not considered as there is a chance of cognitive bias to think of the songs that has been new and popular.

Followers had recommended their favourite songs to include in the list, out of which most frequently mentioned were picked and we have created this LIST OF NOMINATED SONGS.

  1. Kehi mithoo (Narayan Gopal)
  2. Ritu haruma timi (Arun Thapa)
  3. Resham (Nepathya)
  4. Parelima (1974 AD)
  5. Gajalu ti thula thula aakha (Gulam Ali)
  6. Saathi (Yamma Buddha)
  7. Kun mandir ma janchau yatri (Robin Sharma)
  8. Sambodhan (1974 AD)
  9. Sano prakash (Atomic Bush)
  10. Yo samjhane maan xha (Narayan Gopal)
  11. Jati Maya laye Pani (Arun Thapa)
  12. K vanne hamro samay ( Indrajeet Mijar/Prakash Shrestha)
  13. Kina kina timro tasbir (Gulam Ali)
  14. Aama le sodhlin ni khoi xora vanlin (Jhalak Man)
  15. Adhuro prem (Axis Band)
  16. Jaha chan buddha kaa akha (Bhakta Raj Acharya)
  17. Nachaheko hoina timilaie (The Edge)
  18. Taal Ko Pani (Nepathya)
  19. Aakha ma (Nabin K Bhattarai)
  20. Tunga ko dhun ma (Indrajeet Mijar)
  21. Aama (Yama Buddha)
  22. Bistarai bistarai (Rohit Jung Chetri)
  23. Chudaina timro maya le (1974 AD)
  24. Dashain Tihar (Sugam Pokharel)
  25. Dherai dherai aucha manma (1974 AD)
  26. Timi le ta hoina (Bacchu Kailash)
  27. Duniya lai tadha xoda
  28. Euta manxe ko maya le kati  (Narayan Gopal)
  29. Gairi khet ko sirai Halyo
  30. ghumti maa naau (Prem Dhoj Pradhan)
  31. Guransai fulyo (1974 AD)
  32. hajar sapana haru ko (Bhakta Raj Acharya)
  33. Hong Kong Pokhara (Kandhara)
  34. Laija Chari (Yogeshwor Amatya)
  35. Lekali he ye choya ko doko (Ram Thapa)
  36. Ma mauntama aljhiraheko (Om Bikram Bista)
  37. maya ko dorile nisthuri mori lai (Deepak Bajracharya)
  38. Maya meri maya hamro milan (Crossroad Band)
  39. mercedes benz (Cobweb)
  40. Orali lageko (Ram Krishna Dhakal)
  41. Para laijaau ful haru (Prem Dhoj Pradhan)
  42. Aakha ma timi lai (Nabin K Bhattarai)
  43. Chiso chiso haawa maa (Danny)
  44. Ma hu prakriti (Shadwos)
  45. Phool ko aakhama (Ani Dolma)
  46. Resham firiri ( Buddhi Pariyar)
  47. Samjhana birsana (Udit Naryan)
  48. Syndicate (Bipul Chettri)
  49. Tadha tadh janu chha sathi (Bacchu Kailash)
  50. Thula thula mahal hoina (Karna Das)
  51. Waari jamuna pari jamuna (Khemraj)
  52. China company (Bro Sis)
  53. Aage aage topai ko gola (Danny)
  54. Auta manxe ko maya le kaaatii  (Narayan Gopal)
  55. Chekyo chekyo deurali dada (Nepathya)
  56. Chulesi ma (Sanjeev Singh)
  57. Daiba hey (Sanup Paudel)
  58. Eutai sahara timro mayako
  59. Ritu (Deepak Bajracharya)
  60. Farki farki (Albatross)
  61. Himal sari (Narayan Gopal/Aruna Lama)
  62. Hukka mero (Karma)
  63. jindagani (Nepathya)
  64. k chha ra dyu timlai  (Gulam Ali)
  65. Kati kamjor rahexa vaagya (Deep Shrestha)
  66. Pratikshya gara (Deepak Kharel)
  67. Lolayeka (Gulam Ali)
  68. Kanchi hai Kanchi
  69. Malai nasodha kaha dukhcha (Narayan Gopal)
  70. Subhakamana bhari (Tara devi)
  71. maya ko barima pirati ko ful (Udit Narayan Jha)
  72.  Sabai thikai hunxa (Aastha Tamang Maske)
  73. Mohani lagla hai
  74. Nischal (Albatross)
  75. Paschatap (Divya Subba)
  76. Rato rani fule jhae sajhama (Danny)
  77. Rato tika nidarma
  78. Relimai relimai (Sukmit Gurung)
  79. Sathi (Sugam Pokhrel)
  80. Sayad mayama faseki
  81. timilai dekhera (Raju Lama)
  82. Timilai ma dobatoma (Nabin K Bhattarai)
  83. Timro tyo hasilo
  84. Tmi nai hau
  85. Ukali Orali Haruma (Tara Devi)
  86. Yo Mann ta Mero Nepali Ho (1974 AD)
  87. Maya garne ko chokho maya (Ram Krishna Dhakal)
  88. Sa Karnali (Nepathya)
  89. Lajalu muskan (Kalind Band)
  90. Euta chithi ko saharale (The Axe)
  91. Aatma ma timro aatma ma (Kamal Khatri)
  92. Banmaaraale banai khayo (Udit Narayan Jha)
  93. Zindagi ko k bharosa (Karna Das)
  94. Marna baru garo hunna (Phatteman)
  95. Aakashaima chil udyo dhartima chaya
  96. Jati Chot Dinxau (Bhakta raj acharya)
  97. Phoolai sodhe (Aruna Lama)
  98. Goreto ani (Sunil Bardewa)
  99. Timi aauxau bhanne aashai aash ma (Udit Narayan Jha)
  100. Chetana (Lochan Rijal)

Before we release the list of “100 Greatest Nepali Songs of All Time,” as per 2018 polling, let us know which songs from the list don’t deserve to be in the 2018 list of “100 Greatest Nepali Songs of All Time”  

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Arts & Literature

“40 katesi vetaula”



HR:  “Why do you want to quit such a nice job and go abroad to slog?

House Rent: 20K
Bills: 5K
School Fee: 5K
Grocery: 20K
Healthcare: 5K
Leisure: 5K (books, movies, etc)
Vehicle EMI: 10k
Msc: 10K
Total: 80K

How much do I get you know well. Now tell me how can I continue here and still live a basic life?

Now you may say that I can compromise my living standard and bring down the cost. Okay, I did. I shifted to cheap location, gave up my vehicle, cut off my internet, squeezed my bills, put my kid in a cheap school, stopped monthly and annual Health checkup, ate only cheap rice and daal, barely chicken in a week; no movies, no books…down to how much? 30K?

Sir, if I have to live that compromised, what it makes difference anyway working here as engineer or working there as waiter.”

HR just kept quiet.

He goes on saying,

Going abroad isn’t anymore about job. Job in local market can’t pay enough to meet the basic cost of decent living….we are lost in this vicious circle. Government is least concerned, people are lost in greed and are least concerned. Everyone is here to rob each other at high price. I wish I could stay here but patriotism alone will not fix this inflated market.”

40 katesi vetaula

And he left.

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