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Dear Ujwal Thapa



Hello Ujwal Dai,

Earlier, I had written an open letter to Bibkesheel Nepali.  I have said enough there.  This letter is on something else.  To start with,

Any relation, be it business, romantic, personal, social or political, ends up basically for either of the following reasons,

  1.  The other side did something terrible or did something against your core principles and values:  Let’s say person you are dating turned out to be a pedophile or a cheater.  Or, let’s say holds a complete opposite principle or value that you totally distaste. In this case, no matter how much you adore that person or was dreaming to be with till the end, you just can’t.  Above your emotions and desire, there comes the wall of irreconcilable difference on principles and values that you choose to end the relationship, even if that means being heartbroken and shattered emotionally.  And, you call off the relationship.
  2.  You never had as such interest or feeling for the person but you anyway got involved with and later you start feeling like you are better off the person:  This is the typical case where you happen to be with a person without much of interest up on but situation just brought you together.  The other side isn’t bad as such or wrong as such.  Deep inside you know that but you just don’t want to be with the person, because your ideal partner is someone else.  Now, your mind starts looking for flaws and faults in search of reasons to break up.  In this process, dissatisfaction builds up.  One day your dissatisfaction explodes and you call off the relationship.  In such kind of break up, you don’t feel hurt, you don’t feel emotionally shattered.  You actually feel relieved, set for new beginning in happy and motivated note.

I don’t know what happened in your case.  Maybe it’s the case 1.  Or maybe case 2, where you actually never liked Rabindra Mishra in first place but situation forced you to merge with.  Whatever the reason be, I am sure you are happy now and are feeling relieved – set for new beginning in happy and motivated note.  I wish you all the best.  After all, one life, you deserve to be happy and deserve a chance to set your own path as it pleases you.  Right or wrong, you will live per your karma accordingly.  But then, there is a catch.  Reason why I am writing this letter to you, because you are not just a person anymore.  Like it or not, you have become an icon, you have become a leader leading many lives.  You being wrong or you being lost means you messing with many lives and their times.

Right after you decided to form this new party of yours, I have seen the spark of joy and ray of hope in people who call you leader.  I know you believe in creating leaders than leading them.  I know you are not the only man to decide everything, but still, anyone can tell who is alpha in your tribe.  You don’t have the luxury anymore to hide and pass down the ball to somebody else.  You are the leader to those thousands of people singing and dancing and you must know what you are doing with them, their lives, their hopes, and many more things.  Reason why I am writing this letter to you and not your party, or your tribe.

My hope is that you will consider the following points while forming your new party, so that you don’t look like a confused man forming a party gathering confused youths and at the end, every one lose.

Path and Lines

Activism is one thing and politics is whole different thing.  You don’t need a political party to raise voice against something.  Political party is born to represent a certain line, a certain group, a certain idea, that it likes to set in society and policy through the exercise of power.   Boldly speaking, that is where the earlier Bibeksheel failed and the Mishra-led Sajha is failing.  They claimed to be a political party but clueless about the line they take, group they represent, and idea they believe in.  This new party of yours shall not be in that confused state.  Your new party should define society, define family, define economy, define people, define rights, define responsibilities, define every little things that matter to people and their society, that matter to workers and their world, that matter to country and its allies. Your new party shall be clear about its political leaning, its political beliefs, its political ideologies.  Those definitions and approaches will define you and your party.  This time, please don’t come up with party which is clueless about path, clueless about beliefs, clueless about agendas; don’t come up with a party whose lines are set by social media trends.  It’s not hard.  Take your time, write and review hundreds of ideas and beliefs, keep rewriting, keep reviewing, we can wait, but when the manifesto is prepared, make sure it defines you and your party and world will know what you believe in, who you represent, and how you are different from rests, just like congress, just like communist, just like maoist, just like democrat, just like republic, or just like BJP.

Oracle of informed and wise

People you are surrounded by are the man you are.  Intellects that likes to converse with you are the intellect you are.  Quality of people who publicly endorse you tells the quality in you.  Same applies to any organisation, be it business or political.  While you forming your new party, please get some matured people with substantial quality on board, where members when talk they know their source of information, when leading they know where they are heading, when giving opinion, they know what they are talking. This new party of yours should not look like a youth organisation but a serious political party and it starts from the central committee.  Take your time, screen thoroughly, train, test, re-test — let it take a time, we can wait, but when the committee is formed, be it an oracle of informed and wise and not a squad of shallow minds who only got to the committee by showing their date of birth and social media followers.

Know how

I am sure you know why you are doing whatever you are doing.  But then, you knew then also why you formed a party but people didn’t really get your point then, nor they got your point when you merged and formed a new party, Bibeksheel Sajha.   Ever wondered why? because you lacked the clarity on how.  You wanted to make a party that has zero tolerance on corruption but you didn’t tell “HOW?”  you wanted to make a party that supports and promotes entrepreneurship but you didn’t tell “HOW?” you wanted to make a party that fights against sluggish development and hindrance but you didn’t know “HOW?” You as an entrepreneur you must be aware of the fact that no matter how awesome your business concept is, if you don’t have an answer on how, all your why and what means just a fairy tale.   Same applies in politics.  If you only talk about problem but can’t propose convincing solution, you will only look like an activist.  So this time while working on what kind of party you want to form, what are the things it likes to accomplish, why it is born in first place, please make sure you have HOW in every “what” and “why.”   Take your time, read books, get mentors, get trained, do whatever you can to back your agendas and solutions, we can wait.  But when you come back, come as Know-How man.

That’s it for now.  If you get those three things right, I see you making a history.  If not, I should harshly say “my thoughts and prayers go to all the people calling you leader, singing and dancing, sacrificing their time and energy and resource.”

After all, it’s you who lead them, it’s you who is forming this new party saying you know better.  Timile nagare kasle, ahile nagare kahile?

This time, may you come up with a political party as it is supposed to be that no one will mistaken for NGO and/or activists.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten.”
– Jessie Potter

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results”
– Albert Einstein


Your well-wisher,



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Sex is Sad



If I ask you to name one thing that happens in every home but nobody talks about it, what would you say? Did you just say ‘sex’ in your head? You are right, but no prizes for guessing the right answer here. And if you happen to be “an innocent child” who does not like to talk/read about sex, this is where you should stop reading. Still here? I am not joking, this is not for you.


Let me ask you another question: Have you ever asked anyone in your family: ‘How was I born?’ Most of us have. If there was a competition to select a question with the potential to generate the most bizarre answers, this question would be unbeatable. I will share some, yes there was a variety of answers I got from ‘unreliable sources’ of my family. One, I was found on the premise of Janaki Mandir and was brought home. Seriously? Two, children are born by the exchange of body fluids (not what you think!) provided the couple is married. That body fluid was sweat. Did you really think they would “pollute my mind” by giving me the truth? No way! (If you have similar answers to share, share them in comments!) Can you imagine how cheated a child feels when he discovers the truth behind the process? Oh, the liars! The mystery was officially unlocked only after sitting through awkward lectures on the reproductive system in grade 9. I say awkward because: One, it was too late to teach us as we had been informed, and somewhat misinformed, from ‘other sources’. Two, the teacher almost gave a statutory warning saying not to ask “too much”. In short, it was boring. And when even sex is boring, in any way, you know it is not being done in the right way, don’t you? 

Maturity is realizing the difference between sex education and education on the reproductive system. Not very long ago I realised the difference and also that little or no sex education has been provided to me by the school or home. School teaches us the reproductive system, one of the reasons sex happens. Is it the only reason? You know the answer. The other reason is almost untouched by the present curriculum. It covers a few topics like contraception and STDs but nothing about different sexual orientations, behaviors, sexual rights and, more importantly, sexual wrongs. In fact topics like homosexuality are so unfindable in the curriculum that I saw a friend of mine put up the ‘rainbow filter’ on his Facebook profile picture thinking it was to “celebrate monsoon.” And the same people end up using homosexuality to even abuse (using words like gay, ‘chhakka’) others. Sadly, a ‘chhakka’ exists as the most valuable shot in Cricket but as a most derogatory word when it is used to denote your sexual orientation. Being different than the rest doesn’t imply being unnatural. It simply means they have a different nature. If we go by that belief then all the left-handers are unnatural, the whole of more than 700 million of them!

Marriage is the only kind of sexual right in our society. To put it in another way, ‘right sex’ only happens between heterosexual married couples, including marital rape. This norm has been independent of time and an established moral code of society since the time people were married off at the age of 10-12 years. Interestingly, we have fought off, and almost abolished, child marriage but kept our silence on ‘marriage as the only sexual right’ thing. The marriage age has risen from teenage to late twenties to early thirties. But we continue to live by the same old principles. This generally creates two kinds of people. One, the sexually frustrated one, those who abstain from having sex due to the fear of society. And two, the guilty section of people who feel they have broken a sacred law of society by addressing their natural urge, irrespective of the ‘protection measures’ they take. But still, according to ‘the great time-expired sex norms’ of our proud society, all practices other than ones happening in a marriage are sexual wrongs, even masturbation! 

We are proud of our culture. Not talking about sex is culture too. But what I find ironic is that a huge number of such traditions are practiced which have sex or sexuality at their core. Let me give you some examples: A famous example would be “Goddess Kumari” in Kathmandu. Only girls who haven’t menstruated can be Kumari. Another one is preventing Hindu widows from wearing colourful clothes and consuming foods categorized as Tamasik food (like meat, fish, onion, garlic etc) because they, according to Hindu holy texts, may induce sexual urges in that person which would be “immoral”. Another funny one from Mithila culture is you cannot “touch” the wife of your younger brother. If it had specified a special category of touching, that is sexual touching, it would be understandable. But here, the “touch” is generalized. We touch the feet of elders to get blessings and show respect. Is that not “touching”? We hug our friends, brothers, sisters. Is that not “touching”? But, yeah, we are sexually fucked up. Sex is so disregarded in human life out of one’s bedroom, hidden folders and incognito mode in browsers! So much that I am sometimes in total awe because I see people acting as if they are unaware of its entire existence. 

Sex is the reason we are born. Magically, sex is not involved in the birth of our “God(s)”. Again, a few funny examples: Rama was born because Kaushalya, his mother, ate rice pudding brought by a saint who emerged out of a Yagya organized by Dashrath! Hanuman was born because “Pawan Dev (God of air)” impregnated Anjani through the air! Remember the sweat theory that was proposed to me? Seems as if it is true because it was Hanuman’s sweat that was the reason for his son’s birth who was named Magardhwaj. And, Jesus was born to a “virgin” lady, Mary! And, I am sure you can find many more such stories. They must be stories, right? You don’t believe anyone can be borne by Sun, air, water, sweat and, of all other things, virginity! I am sure you don’t.  All of this goes to show the role religions have played to humiliate human beings for involving in a natural phenomenon. And, this “great” culture has continued through time.

Sex will find its way to children. If you don’t help in making its way, porn will. And when porn teaches sex education, it teaches violence, perversions, and sex fiction for free and strengthens patriarchy, which alone constitutes for at least ninety percent of the world’s problems already. And if you let porn teach sex education to kids, there will be adults in the world who will know that Superman is science fiction but not that most of the porn is sex fiction and a very inhumane one at that.

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Arts & Literature

Photo comments: My Tattoo

We had asked Kmag page followers to photo comment a picture of their tattoo and we received the following



We had asked Kmag page followers to flaunt their tattoos through photos in a “Photo Comment” post, and the we received many photos out of which these are our best pick.

Madhusudan Sharma

Bikram Thapa

Prakash Shrestha


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Dear Writers



Hello there!!

Since you are here, we would like to assume that you love writing.  Writing is the best contribution one can make for mankind, because we all die but writings will stay back.  Writing has a power to influence, power to change, power to amuse, and power to destroy.  So many books and articles and essays are the proofs on how they have been influential, for good or bad, even long after the writers are gone from this world.  Wikipedia is an example on how brilliantly a small effort of a writer can help billions.  We all know something, we all are good at something, we all believe in something.  Not everyone can pen them down though.  That’s why we can say mostly what writers believe in, what writers are good at other than writing, what writers know will get documented and spread.  Those who don’t, their beliefs, their knowledge, their opinion will die with them.  This is why writing is must-have skills for everybody.  Glad that you are a writer, and we want you, because we are into a mission of creating an informed society, and together we pen down everything we know, everything we believe in, everything we are good at.  Not just that but we will pen down also everything that people know but don’t know to put them in words, everything that they believe in but don’t know to put them in words, everything that they are good at but don’t know to put them in words.  You, a writer, ain’t just a writer, but are also a messenger.  We are the messengers and we would like to have you as a messenger, and together we will spread messages, knowledge and information, stories and perspectives, and sometimes simply a bundle of words to amuse people and bring smile on their face.

For all the reasons said above, we want you, and we need you.  Let’s do it.

No, we are not looking for a writer who can write for free.  As a writer, we understand the level of effort a writer needs to put to get words and sentences together to convey a message to the world.  Writer too have bills to pay, and family to feed, and life to live.  So, here is the plan on how a writer will be paid:

  • We have designed ad placement in such a way that every view should get us 1 rupee.  So say, a post got 1000 views in a month, then that means we earn 1000 rupees.  We plan to give 30% to writer that month, i.e. Rs 300.  If gets viewed by one lakh people, you will earn 30 thousands.  Another month, another count.  We are on internet, so there will always be views increasing and again we calculate and give you your share.  So, basically you can say, writing a piece for kmag is like recording a song, and you get royalty throughout your life unless the post is removed. 

That’s the plan.  We want to be a platform for all the writers, and we will put our utmost effort to make the platform popular and get advertisers.   Whatever we will be earning through our collective efforts will be shared between us.  On the other side, society will get informed.  Win-Win for all.  So you can say, we are trying to be magazine-kinda wikipedia, magazine-kinda google, magazine-kinda website, where one can find anything and everything, along with views and news, stories and perspectives, and lot more.

Does that sound interesting and promising at the same time?
If yes, cool! Let’s begin.

The following are the segments that we currently cover and you can write for any of the following:

  1.  News:
    a.  National:  Any news from Nepal.
    b.  International:  Any news from outside Nepal.
  2.  Knowledge and Infos:  Anything that is knowledgeable and informative.  Like for example, How to apply for driving license in Nepal; what is global warming; why World War II happened, etc.  It basically covers what, how, why, where, when, and will not be opinionated.
  3.  Life and stuffs: 
    a.  Education and Career.
    b.  Love and relationship.
    c.  Fashion and lifestyle.
    d.  Pets and passion.
    e.  Spirituality
  4.  Health and sports:  Anything related to health and sports
  5. Happiness:  Feel good stuffs.
    a.  Travel and places.
    b.  Movies and musics.
    c.  Talks and gossips.
    d.  Interviews.
  6. Sci-tech:  Anything related to science and technology
  7. Arts and literature:
    a.  Stories, short or medium.
    b.  Poems.
    c.  Satires and humors.
    d.  Photographs and visual arts.
  8. Business:
    a.  Entrepreneurship
    b.  Market
    c.  Management
  9. Opinion:  Anything that is just an opinion.
  10. Videos:  Video description.

That’s it for now.  Hope you got an overall idea on what we are up to and our expectation and how you can play a role that suits you and excites you, and together we march towards the mission of

  • Creating an informed society.
  • Connect and unite progressive minds.
  • Promote and support businesses and activities.

Thank you for your time.  Only a serious writer or someone who wishes to be a writer can read such a lengthy post, with such a patience.   One of the reasons why we wrote such a long-ass letter.  See? we just filtered out half of the wannabes and/or not-so-interested candidates.  Congratulations! You just cleared the level 1 of selection process.  Send us an email stating “WHY DO YOU WANT TO WRITE FOR KMAG” and that email will take you to level 3.  And, we will catch up for coffee at our place or somewhere inside the skype.

Wish you all the best,
Love and regards,

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