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Hello there,

It’s very unusual for someone to visit here unless has a purpose.  So, let us bluntly assume that you are interested in doing business with us.  That’s awesome.  And, we are awesome.  That will make everything superawesome.  How cool is that, isn’t it?

Let’s jump straight on to the things that we can do for you.

1.  Social Media Management

“You take care of your business and we will take care of your social media presence.”

We are known for our expertise on social media handling.  We handle Facebook, Twitter, Insta, YouTube, Linkedin, etc. at a very reasonable price.

2.  Ads and Promotion

Pay only for what you get.”

Advertise in our platform, Kaagmandu Magazine (web, Facebook page), at just 10 paisa per impression.  You can start from as little as Rs 100.  Also, you can use our platform for promotional content, content sponsorship, product placement, etc.

3.  Design and Print

Looks matter.  Be eye pleasing.”

We do all kinds of design and print that will beautify your business and justify your budget.

4.  Content Development

Content is king.  We are the kingmaker.”

Content is king and we are good at it, and that is what makes us a kingmaker.  Be it photography/videography contents or textual contents like blogs and articles, or professional writing and presentation, or copywriting and scripts, we are just too good at.

5.  Event & Workshop

“Let us gather people for you.”

We do organize/manage events and workshops of all kinds.  Let us do the work and you sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

6.  Conceptualization and Consultancy

Your brain has a limit.  Add ours.”

Last but not the least, we are always there for anyone looking for concepts, ideas, thoughts, or expert views that we are qualified for.  Likewise, we also provide media consultancy and PR consultancy per your need.




We are group of awesome dudes who can as well….

1.  Build websites.

2.  Digital marketing.

3.  Market research.


So, what you are waiting for? Email us your requirements at [email protected] and we will get right back to you.