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Facebook Love: It was complicated




Hey” was her first message
I’ll be always there” was the last
Between those, there were lots of messages
That’s the story of love in pieces

Good morning” was how it all used to start
Go sleep, pineapple dream” was how it used to end
Between those, there were lots of greetings
That’s the story of love in pieces

Can we meet?” was how she took the first step
It was nice meeting you” was how I took my chance
Between those, there were lots of giggles and talks
That’s the story of love in pieces

I won’t be available, take care of yourself” was what used to happen
Hey am back” was how it used to restart
Between those, there used to be lots of missing
That’s the story of love in pieces

So many selfies, so many coffees
Park, mall, movies and what not all
Between those, there was a love in making
That’s the story of love in pieces

Happy anniversary…we met last year, FB says
Seriously? How fast times flies”
That used to be big celebration
Between those, there were lots of celebrations on every Day’s and festivals
That’s the story of love in pieces

One day,
She got a message “Hey” from him.
hello there” was her reply to him

This time, that guy was not me.

That’s the story of love in pieces

In a mission of creating an informed society.

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1 Comment

  1. PladdSB

    September 19, 2019 at 5:09 am


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Photo Comments: Black and White Photography

Black and white photo collection from Kmag followers.



On September 5, 2019, we had asked Kmag followers to post black and white photos that they have captured 

The following are the ones we deemed as best.  There were some other good pics as well but could not make it to the list here because of watermark being too distracting.

Insta @royaltuitui

Insta @sahidmartyr

Veezay Thapa


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jpt story: Rape



” I was raped.”

Society: “By Whom?”

“By my boyfriend.”

Society: “Where?”

“In my friend’s room.”

Society: “You were with your boyfriend at your friend’s room?”


Society: “Why were you with him alone in a friend’s room?”

“Because I wanted to have a quiet moment with him.”

Society: “What do you expect from a guy who is locked inside a room with his girlfriend?”

“Are you justifying rape?”

Society: “No but then, you could have avoided the situation.”

“Are you saying I am to be blamed?”

Society: ” I am blaming both of you.”

” Why both?? why not just him??”

Society: “Because you too gave a chance.”

“What chance did I give??”

Society: “You should not have been there in the room with him alone.”

“You are justifying a rape on the ground that men are prone to act cocky if given a chance, so women should be extra careful, RIGHT??”

Society: “HE IS YOUR BOYFRIEND. That’s natural for a man with intimacy to take an advantage”

“Let’s put it differently. I was with my husband inside a room. Does it sound funny if I say, I was raped by my husband?”

Society: “No”

“Will you blame me as well for being raped because I was with him inside a room?”

SOCIETY: “BUT, but, but……”

“Let me begin. My boyfriend had sexual intercourse with me without my consent. He did not respect my wish, did’t look for my consent, didn’t care about my state. Yes, I love him, yes I was with him inside a room, yes I was lying next to him. Regardless, I was not for sex, I didn’t give consent and he still went ahead with.  THAT IS RAPE!! I was raped by my boyfriend and I want justice. Period”

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JPT Story: Adulthood



He liked her. He proposed her. She didn’t like him. SLC over. End of the story.

He liked her. She liked him too. They dated for sometimes. She got bored. College life with memories. End of the story.

She liked him but feared to tell. He too had liked her but he too kept quiet. They pretended to be “just a friend.” Bachelor over. End of the story.

She liked him. He liked her too. They dated, they got into relationship. They really liked each other. She turned 24. Time for marriage for her. But not so for him. They broke up with tears. End of the story.

He met a girl, really amazing, a kind he would fall in love with. There was a great chemistry. No second meeting ever happened for whatsoever reason. End of the story.

He liked her. She liked him too. However, she was checking out few other guys s to choose the best from the list. Her cautious and calculative move delayed her from giving her 100%. Meanwhile, another girl entered in his life. Too much of distractions and deviations. No one got anyone. End of the story.

Then this girl came in his life. She said she wanna walk with him. She said she wanna settle with him. She loved him, inspired him and motivated him. He too felt no need of wasting time over searching for Ms. Right. He focused over his career, along with his love life.  He became the guy of the town, with name, fame, success and prosperity; she being known as his wife. Happily married.

Now all the girls from the past, know him through media and other source; living their life as they deserved. Thinking about their past with him, they all felt “he was not written for me.” Whereas reality is, he was written for anybody, only if any of them had patience.

15 years of adult life with lots of stories. End of the story with no second chance.

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