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Travel Story: Flying across the Malaysian Sky



On 2015, January 23, we were about to board for the very flight which would change our entire life for the years to come. The sheer joy of new excitement and hard goodbyes to our families were still clouded while we were waiting for our flight.

We had our flight from Air Asia with 80 minutes transit in the airport of Malaysia. With all our fellow Nepalese brothers heading to gulf countries, we were the only one going to Australia. But none of us knew, even though the countries are different, we were about to fall into the same fate of labour.

There was a guy with his “Dillibazar Tailoring” as his backpack resting down at his feet. A pang of frustration had actually started in me already why remittance is the only major source of economy in my country.

After about two hours, right when air hostesses started checking boarding pass for the flight lunch, one of the Nepalese guys started acting strange. At first, he was talking with the air hostess, tapping his pants all over around. But soon he started checking all the hand carries rested at the top of the passengers. My husband said he could be that one of the agent bringing workers in overseas and he added he is faking to his companions as though he had boarding pass for the lunch. I gave my quick glance to the guy with that shopping bag and to that supposed agent guy.

Relying on the quick judgement of my husband, I noticed that guy with a golden ring and think chain around his neck and silver watch, indeed he was fairly dressed than other people on board. He frantically searched almost all the luggage of his clients for like fifteen minutes. Clearly, it seemed like he was just pretending it with a promise that he had had actually boarding pass for lunch to be served. Rest of the brothers were silent and were staring in each other doubting if they are getting it. Eventually, he gave up with the request of air-hostess to get back to the seat for trolleys to be run.

After 15minutes our meal arrived, and it made me partly awkward to be only passengers on a row with lunch being served especially when my fellow native brothers went on curious as air hostesses started dragging down the food trolleys.

It was almost 8:38 PM when we landed into the Malaysian Airport. We had barely 80 minutes of transit.Though there were no words of goodbyes among us, we parted our ways. We were anxiously queueing in the line when I noticed another fellow with all of his backpacks and luggage was standing after me. My husband casually told him, ” yo line Hami Australia janeharuko go, tapaiko yah bata hoina justo lagyo”

Shocked and terrified, we pointed the direction where his group headed where he quickly ran to catch them. And we ran through the corridor of Malaysian Airline for one last time to change the fate of our promised life after that flight…

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Photo Comments: My Dog

Meet the dogs from Kmag Community. They are cute, funny, grumpy and smarty. All in one screen.



On Nov 7, 2019, we had asked Kmag Followers to share their dog’s pic under photocomment section, and we received the following pics.  They are just so aww and cute and some are quite funny and grumpy.  All in all, adorable collection.  <3

Via Sapkota Sulo

Via Avipsa Khanal

Via Sujita Manandhar Dog name: Tyson

Via Bijay Rumba Tamang

Via Chandani Baid

Via Pradep Kadel

Via Janam Adhikari

Via Nikzzy Nm

Via Ruzan Maharzan

Via Deepa Kc Pathak | Dog name: Cobi

Via Nikita Tuladhar | Dog name: Mia

Via Aishwarya Tandukar | Dog name: (From the top) Kevin, Lily, Bittu, Hojo and Bob

Via Shreya Ojha | Dog name: Phuli

Via Ngawang Yonten | Dog name: Domtu

Via Aalisha Shrestha Shrestha | Dog name: Bella

Via Krishna Shahi Thakuri | Dog name: Fuchhe

Via Kamal Bista

Via Kamal Bista

Via Bhawana Chhetri | Dog name: Motu

Via Sakar Subedi | Dog name: Gypsy

Via Nisha Shilpakar | Dog name: Kaley

Via Mdr Saurav | Dog name: Rum and Gin

Via Giri Sushant | Dog name: Hitler, Dolphin, Handsome & Kalay(cat)

Via Shreya Shrestha | Dog name: Shadow

Via Anita Rana | Dog name: James Thapa

Via Affy Affy | Dog name: Wazir

Via Adarsh Pathak | Dog name: Rover

Via Anoop Kandel | Dog name: Mintoo

VIa Barsha Palikhe Pradhan | Dog name: Bunu

Via Saakar Shaahi | Dog name: Cookie

Via Brigid Shrestha | Dog name: Pvris

Via Anjana Adhikari | Dog name: Ollie

Via Ayush Kadel | Dog name: Pikuu Don

Via Brigid Shrestha | Dog name: Hukku

Via Utsav Thapa | Dog name: Duffy

Via Sangeet Raj Shrestha | Dog name: Bubble

Via Sapkota Sulo | Dog name: Lucky

Via Nawang Wangyal Xian | Dog name: Cali

Via Nickesh | Dog name: Mocha

Via Anmol Thapa | Dog name: Lucky

Via Anmol Thapa | Dog name: Alice

Via Amit Giri | Dog name: Krypto

Via Yashika Bogati | Dog name: Winnie

Via Anil Shrestha | Dog name: Puntoo Shrestha

Via Nisdrid Bik | Dog name: Bruno

Via Aalisha Shrestha Shrestha | Dog name: Bella

Via Sabina Karkee | Dog name: Caspy

Via Wang D. Sherpa | Dog name: Panda

Via SAkya SunNy | Dog name: Tuffy

Via Aseeka Gurung | Dog name: Max

Via Ankit Bista | Dog name: Euro

Via Ronit Shakya | Dog name: Coco

Via Roshan Bhusal | Dog name: Jenny

Via Bee Shal Shrestha | Dog name: Winney Shrestha

Via Himal Lama Rumba | Dog name: Kanchi

Via Sushil Munikar | Dog name: Bingo Munikar

Via Såfål Kc | Dog name: Dojengro (Dojo)

Via Rejeena Sharma | Dog name: Julie

Via SaGar BaLami | Dog name: Leo

Via Naina Reddevil Munikar | Dog name: Snow

Via Sumit Shrestha | Dog name: Toffee

Via Ashsys Amatya | Dog name: Haku Cha

Via Sangeet Poudel | Dog name: MoMo

Via Sam Jari | Dog name: King

Via Aasish Shrestha | Dog name: Khusi

Via शोभना श्रेष्ठ | Dog name: Happy

Via Rusan Kandel | Dog name: Junior

Via Bivek Limbu | Dog name: Puntuu

Via Suraz Tandukar | Dog name: Coco

Via Pema Moktan | Dog name: Dona

Via Rtr Rubisha Nakarmi | Dog name: Shelby

Via Nirjana Khadka | Dog name: Casper

Via Suzan Ranjitkar | Dog name: Lucy

Via Sonali KC | Dog name: Pogo

Via Yougain Sharma | Dog name: Julie

Via Swatii Gupta | Dog name: Bhuntu

Via Bishal Khadka | Dog name: Michael

Via Bimal Shakya | Dog name: Sona

Via Sajun Shrestha | Dog name: Pappu

Via Rupes Thapa | Dog name: Maagie

Via Neeraj Katwal | Dog name: Gorey

Via Özâds | Dog name: Ellie

Via Vikram Singh Mainali | Dog name: Jack Mainali

Via Sandesh Kc | Dog name: Charlie

Via Utsav Joshi

Via Sushan Shrestha | Dog name: Momo

So, which one is your favourite?

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Arts & Literature

Introduction: Sapiens, a brief history of humankind

Since we are highly impressed by the book, we thought we would rewrite this book to share author’s point of views and understanding in our language and style so that people who lack fundamental understanding of natural science even could get the message easily.



It is a book by Yuval Noah Harari, an Israeli historian and a professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where the author has tried to explain human history (or to be more precise, Homo Sapiens, i.e. modern humans) from past to modern time.  His explanation is heavily based on framework provided by the natural sciences, particularly evolutionary biology, along with archeological and anthropological references and understanding that the author has built. 

Yuval Noah Harari

The book narrates the history of humankind from the evolution of archaic human species in the Stone Age up to the twenty-first century, focusing on Homo sapiens.

This book is not a factual science book but rather an intellectual attempt of the author where he has tried to connect pieces of informations and understanding provided by science and then has interpreted them with best logical argument the author could come up with.  Some scholars believe that though the book is highly impressive and commendable, the book is not free of carelessness, exaggeration and sensationalism.

Regardless, we must say the book is a masterpiece, because the book gives a time-machine ride to its readers taking back and forth from stone age to modern time, explaining what is what and why is it so, in much convincing way.  This book can be pretty handy to those with no prior knowledge or understanding of natural science and evolutionary biology.  Even Bill Gates have ranked this book among his ten favourite books.

Since we are highly impressed by the book, we thought we would rewrite this book to share author’s point of views and understanding in our language and style so that people who lack fundamental understanding of natural science even could get the message easily.  We are doing this because we strongly felt that the message and perspectives expressed in this book by the author must be spread to as many people as possible.

This book is written in four parts:

Part One:  The Cognitive Revolution
Part Two:  The Agricultural Revolution
Part Three:  The Unification of Humankind
Part Four:  The Scientific Revolution

Each part is broken down under several titles.  We are publishing each title as an article, through this website.  Take help of tags to navigate further in case you want to read each title and part through this website itself.  However, we strongly recommend you to the get the book itself and read it on your own.

Articles here are like movies based on novels.  There is always something missing.  Movies will always miss out something from the book.

Nonetheless, after reading all our articles on the book, for sure, when you get the actual book, it will be much easy and fun for you to understand everything.

If you want to buy the book, you can SHOP HERE.

Thank you for trusting us.  This is our first ever attempt of a kind.  Hope, this gonna be fun.  See you on next chapter.

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Photo Comments: Black and White Photography

Black and white photo collection from Kmag followers.



On September 5, 2019, we had asked Kmag followers to post black and white photos that they have captured 

The following are the ones we deemed as best.  There were some other good pics as well but could not make it to the list here because of watermark being too distracting.

Insta @royaltuitui

Insta @sahidmartyr

Veezay Thapa


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