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Your definition of freedom



By Prajal Gurung

Choiceless awarness of our daily existence & activity ,pure observation without direction




By Aakash Thapa


Where I don’t have to be compared with others. Me being me.



By Bijay Bishwakarma

Freedom is doing things what i love , helping disabled and poor, loving animals, travelling and exploring the world.

And next part : Power, politics, pleasure and Money



By Nishant Rijal


Doing everything I want without hurting or dominating others



By Unknown


For me freedom is being able to make my own choices, live without fear and share life with the people I love.



By Nila Shrestha


Life where noone’s approval or denial matter…Life which I will always always choose.
Freedom comes above all.



By Anup Baral


Freedom is not have to explain what i am doing in life to society. not have to give justification of my actions to anyone



By Smriti Shrestha


Freedom for me is doing what ever i want, were ever i want, when ever i want.. but without interfering with others freedom.



By Rabin Lama


Controlling your own life without the need of another person’s approval.



By Manisha Malakar


Free state of mind & soul in which you don’t care about whereabouts anymore.




To me, freedom is everything.  It’s above money, it’s above good life, it’s above security.  If I have to choose between  “be a slave of a king with guarantee of money, good life, security and everything but not freedom” or “be a free man with no guarantee of anything but total freedom to live and survive on my own,” I will opt for the later.

Thinking of the word freedom itself gives that immense joy and a feeling of liberation.  Freedom is nature.  We all are born free.

You can disagree though.  So what is freedom to you?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rekha

    September 13, 2019 at 12:39 am

    For me, freedom is breaking the things that is binding me. This does not mean to do stupid things going against the society or humanity. Ruling the life in a way that you enjoy every moment that you are living is a freedom. People have mistaken compulsiveness as freedom. They have created their own boundaries/ goals whatever they call and have a compulsive desire to fulfill it. People feel miserable/ frustrated when they can’t reach it. This is not freedom. Breaking the compulsiveness / binding of life one at a time will take us to freedom. Bondages are not infinite but freedom is infinite and I am working on it.

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World in Lenses

We had asked Kmag followers to submit photos taken by them through their mobile and this is part of the collection.



On July 26, 2019, we asked KMag followers to share their mobile photography and we received many astonishing photos, out of which we selected the following photos.

Scrolling through these photos, it feels like tripping the human world through different lives and places.  Try viewing this post from your PC for better experience.

Insta: @Sushant_kth

Insta: @Me_dhaa

Insta @twinsrider

Insta @Shaqthered

Insta @aryalbasudev

Insta @aabu_babu

Shristi Shrestha

Insta @_imujwal

Niraj Duwal

Insta @mister_lal_photography

Insta @Kishor_chhetry


Insta @Sosonamm

Insta @milankhadka_mk

Insta @sandesharl.exe

Insta @iam_junk

Kabin Thapa

Insta @anuragshree

Insta @itara_ etaf

Insta @r0m4n._._

Keshav Bhandari

Insta @Somesh68

Insta @Osan_stha

Insta @subancu07

Insta @ranjit.samit

Insta @sujanchapagain

Leo Deep

Insta @Theyutshavpokharel

Insta @roopeshstha57


Abhijeet Giri

Insta @Stone_yak

Insta @_superduperdeb_

Insta @_i_drongo

Insta @sapkotasulo

Insta @madshutter_

Insta @aaryankarmacharya

Insta @S_on_u_sharma

Insta @abhisecbhandari

Dipen Chongbang

Insta @pintoosgram

Insta @bshalr

Punkaj Poudyal

Insta @__nischal__

Insta @sants_8

Insta @abinas_gurung

Insta @Sshahil_maharjan

Insta @panthdeepak

Insta @saroz0

Insta @shakya.minish

Insta @_kirancha_

Pradip Chalise

Insta @Prakash Rana

Sanjay Ghimire

Insta @angel_dangol

Laxmi Prasad Ngakhusi

Insta @bsnt_ernesto

Insta @deenx_

Insta @book.aisle

Insta @bhaskar_011

Insta @sachin_khawas

Insta @rob_enn

Insta @bhusal_arjun

Aren’t they amazing? Did it feel like tripping? Which one is your favorite? Drop a comment below.

If you too want to show your photography skill, CLICK HERE, and post a pic taken by you.

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Arts & Literature

Travel Story: Flying across the Malaysian Sky



On 2015, January 23, we were about to board for the very flight which would change our entire life for the years to come. The sheer joy of new excitement and hard goodbyes to our families were still clouded while we were waiting for our flight.

We had our flight from Air Asia with 80 minutes transit in the airport of Malaysia. With all our fellow Nepalese brothers heading to gulf countries, we were the only one going to Australia. But none of us knew, even though the countries are different, we were about to fall into the same fate of labour.

There was a guy with his “Dillibazar Tailoring” as his backpack resting down at his feet. A pang of frustration had actually started in me already why remittance is the only major source of economy in my country.

After about two hours, right when air hostesses started checking boarding pass for the flight lunch, one of the Nepalese guys started acting strange. At first, he was talking with the air hostess, tapping his pants all over around. But soon he started checking all the hand carries rested at the top of the passengers. My husband said he could be that one of the agent bringing workers in overseas and he added he is faking to his companions as though he had boarding pass for the lunch. I gave my quick glance to the guy with that shopping bag and to that supposed agent guy.

Relying on the quick judgement of my husband, I noticed that guy with a golden ring and think chain around his neck and silver watch, indeed he was fairly dressed than other people on board. He frantically searched almost all the luggage of his clients for like fifteen minutes. Clearly, it seemed like he was just pretending it with a promise that he had had actually boarding pass for lunch to be served. Rest of the brothers were silent and were staring in each other doubting if they are getting it. Eventually, he gave up with the request of air-hostess to get back to the seat for trolleys to be run.

After 15minutes our meal arrived, and it made me partly awkward to be only passengers on a row with lunch being served especially when my fellow native brothers went on curious as air hostesses started dragging down the food trolleys.

It was almost 8:38 PM when we landed into the Malaysian Airport. We had barely 80 minutes of transit.Though there were no words of goodbyes among us, we parted our ways. We were anxiously queueing in the line when I noticed another fellow with all of his backpacks and luggage was standing after me. My husband casually told him, ” yo line Hami Australia janeharuko go, tapaiko yah bata hoina justo lagyo”

Shocked and terrified, we pointed the direction where his group headed where he quickly ran to catch them. And we ran through the corridor of Malaysian Airline for one last time to change the fate of our promised life after that flight…

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Is it right or wrong?



Some people on social media are not not happy to see alcoholic beverage sponsoring the traditional festival, that too with Kumari in display.

The voice was initially raised by Satish Sthapit, singer and guitarist from Newaz Band, through his facebook post, stating:

Felt sad with this branding at Maru. Soon we will see branding in Kumari charriot too. Thukka

The issue escalated quite quickly and now some others too are expressing their dissatisfaction.  However, matter of fact is that locally-prepared alcoholic beverages have significant role in Newa culture, especially in festival like IndraJatra.

What’s your say on this?  Is it right or wrong to get alcoholic beverage as sponsor of traditional event?

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