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When you feel hating yourself for not accomplishing much in life

Aanchal Lohani

Completely happy with how far you have come in life. To breathe and remind yourself that all that matters is growing through what you’re going through. Via: Aanchal Lohani

When your mind go on thinking unstoppable

Via: Aarati Pandey

When you fear to eat as you wish

It’s okay to be motey; loves to eat and yet be stylish as fuck. Via: Abiral Bhari

When you wonder if you are normal or not

Via: Agraj Chhetri

When you are trying so hard to hide your emotions

It’s okay to be sensitive. It implies that you’ve got the “power to feel”. This kind of emotional aroma is to be treasured. It makes you a poet, painter and philosopher for yourself. Via: Amar Shrestha

When you are failing to connect

Via: Anjana Basnet

When you hate yourself for being indecisive

Via: Ashmi Pokhrel

When you are tired of living up per others

Via: Asmit Narsingh Shrestha

When you want to ignore your reality

Via: Bimal KC

When you wonder if you are doing wrong

Via: Deeksha Mishra

When you wish you were man enough

Via: Kshitij Dahal

When you are hurt for being a joke

Via: Dipesh Jung Chhetri

When you want to be carefree but hesitant

Via: Eshwor Dahal

When you are embarrassed for not being top notch

Via: Jeena Sakha

When you are sad for not having a partner

Via: Milan Khadka



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My Story

Speak-Up: Say something to someone anonymously



Sometimes, reality can be too complicated, especially  in a society where norms and standards are very defined based on traditional values and culture.  This limits us from being straight forward to some people.  Can limit us from being bold and honest and express our heart out without hesitation to certain people, especially if they are elder to us or someone with good social/financial status.

And sometimes we can’t express out, say what we need to say due to our own lack of confidence or low self esteem.

But then it’s very important to let them out and let the universe take them from there …. and miracle can happen, you never know.  If nothing also, at least you will feel good; kind of sense of being relieved, sense of being in peace.

With all that thoughts, we have designed this speak-up section for you to speak your heart out anonymously.  Fill the form below and leave the rest to us to play the universe.

p.s. Not to express your “romantic feeling” for your crush.


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Breaking the taboo: Women are always touchable



Growing up with two sisters, mother and now a girlfriend I am surrounded by women all my life. The kindness, love and care shown by all of them is unrivaled by any other person that I ever encountered. When I was young my mother used to stop cooking me delicious meal for few days, every month. My small mind couldn’t understand the reason but since everyone taught me to accept things without questioning I accepted that fact too. Later on, as time passed by my sisters were considered untouchable for few days and mom herself told me it was the same with them. So I accepted that fact too.

Fifteen years fast forward, now I came to understand what actually happen to them during those days. Though I understood the biology, I still couldn’t question why because as aforementioned,  I was taught to accept it. One day, my grandma came with a holy locket. Something called “Jantar” locally. It was supposed to protect me from “bad things” out there. I appreciate the gesture but she asked me something when handing it over. Not to my suprise, she said I wasn’t supposed to touch any woman, including my loved ones when they are in their periods. They were impure and I, one bearing the holy locket, can’t touch them.

Respecting elders, I took the locket from her and wore it. Months passed by I maintained the condition as she told me. I was sick, tired and caused all kinda trouble for my sisters, mother and girlfriend too. I am grateful they never complained. But, something struck me when my girlfriend had her period in college. As an engineering student, women are rare in college and apparently she was alone in class. She had some serious cramps and was visually in pain that day. No female friend to turn to, she called me in and as I got there I saw her in pain with watery eyes and embarrassed face. All month even for smallest of my trouble she was there for me, and those four days when she suffering for something natural I wasn’t supposed to help her cause someone taught me so. The moment had a significant impact on the teaching I received. It forced me to review what I had learned growing up.

I took my locket off, and helped my girl get home. When I got back home, I asked my mom again, and this time I questioned “Why can’t I hand my sisters water when they are in period? They take care of my smallest of needs all month and four days when they are crying why am I not supposed to help?” My mom replied, “we just have too.” That’s when I said to my mom, “Alrite, I reject that completely but since my grandma can’t, I will take off my locket whenever they are considered untouchable but I won’t stop helping them when they are most in need.” Mom smiled and agreed, “Hope, things will change for you guys.”

We were taught to accept the patriarchal built up of the society and not question it at all. Somehow every one of us “educated” population still agrees to it and accepts the flaws in it. The change starts from us, we know it. Just an initiative is required. My taking off of the locket wasn’t meant as a disrespect for my culture tradition or my grandma. It was just my love over people who actually matter is much more important than things that stop me from helping them.

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Arts & Literature

Photo Comments: My Dog

Meet the dogs from Kmag Community. They are cute, funny, grumpy and smarty. All in one screen.



On Nov 7, 2019, we had asked Kmag Followers to share their dog’s pic under photocomment section, and we received the following pics.  They are just so aww and cute and some are quite funny and grumpy.  All in all, adorable collection.  <3

Via Sapkota Sulo

Via Avipsa Khanal

Via Sujita Manandhar Dog name: Tyson

Via Bijay Rumba Tamang

Via Chandani Baid

Via Pradep Kadel

Via Janam Adhikari

Via Nikzzy Nm

Via Ruzan Maharzan

Via Deepa Kc Pathak | Dog name: Cobi

Via Nikita Tuladhar | Dog name: Mia

Via Aishwarya Tandukar | Dog name: (From the top) Kevin, Lily, Bittu, Hojo and Bob

Via Shreya Ojha | Dog name: Phuli

Via Ngawang Yonten | Dog name: Domtu

Via Aalisha Shrestha Shrestha | Dog name: Bella

Via Krishna Shahi Thakuri | Dog name: Fuchhe

Via Kamal Bista

Via Kamal Bista

Via Bhawana Chhetri | Dog name: Motu

Via Sakar Subedi | Dog name: Gypsy

Via Nisha Shilpakar | Dog name: Kaley

Via Mdr Saurav | Dog name: Rum and Gin

Via Giri Sushant | Dog name: Hitler, Dolphin, Handsome & Kalay(cat)

Via Shreya Shrestha | Dog name: Shadow

Via Anita Rana | Dog name: James Thapa

Via Affy Affy | Dog name: Wazir

Via Adarsh Pathak | Dog name: Rover

Via Anoop Kandel | Dog name: Mintoo

VIa Barsha Palikhe Pradhan | Dog name: Bunu

Via Saakar Shaahi | Dog name: Cookie

Via Brigid Shrestha | Dog name: Pvris

Via Anjana Adhikari | Dog name: Ollie

Via Ayush Kadel | Dog name: Pikuu Don

Via Brigid Shrestha | Dog name: Hukku

Via Utsav Thapa | Dog name: Duffy

Via Sangeet Raj Shrestha | Dog name: Bubble

Via Sapkota Sulo | Dog name: Lucky

Via Nawang Wangyal Xian | Dog name: Cali

Via Nickesh | Dog name: Mocha

Via Anmol Thapa | Dog name: Lucky

Via Anmol Thapa | Dog name: Alice

Via Amit Giri | Dog name: Krypto

Via Yashika Bogati | Dog name: Winnie

Via Anil Shrestha | Dog name: Puntoo Shrestha

Via Nisdrid Bik | Dog name: Bruno

Via Aalisha Shrestha Shrestha | Dog name: Bella

Via Sabina Karkee | Dog name: Caspy

Via Wang D. Sherpa | Dog name: Panda

Via SAkya SunNy | Dog name: Tuffy

Via Aseeka Gurung | Dog name: Max

Via Ankit Bista | Dog name: Euro

Via Ronit Shakya | Dog name: Coco

Via Roshan Bhusal | Dog name: Jenny

Via Bee Shal Shrestha | Dog name: Winney Shrestha

Via Himal Lama Rumba | Dog name: Kanchi

Via Sushil Munikar | Dog name: Bingo Munikar

Via Såfål Kc | Dog name: Dojengro (Dojo)

Via Rejeena Sharma | Dog name: Julie

Via SaGar BaLami | Dog name: Leo

Via Naina Reddevil Munikar | Dog name: Snow

Via Sumit Shrestha | Dog name: Toffee

Via Ashsys Amatya | Dog name: Haku Cha

Via Sangeet Poudel | Dog name: MoMo

Via Sam Jari | Dog name: King

Via Aasish Shrestha | Dog name: Khusi

Via शोभना श्रेष्ठ | Dog name: Happy

Via Rusan Kandel | Dog name: Junior

Via Bivek Limbu | Dog name: Puntuu

Via Suraz Tandukar | Dog name: Coco

Via Pema Moktan | Dog name: Dona

Via Rtr Rubisha Nakarmi | Dog name: Shelby

Via Nirjana Khadka | Dog name: Casper

Via Suzan Ranjitkar | Dog name: Lucy

Via Sonali KC | Dog name: Pogo

Via Yougain Sharma | Dog name: Julie

Via Swatii Gupta | Dog name: Bhuntu

Via Bishal Khadka | Dog name: Michael

Via Bimal Shakya | Dog name: Sona

Via Sajun Shrestha | Dog name: Pappu

Via Rupes Thapa | Dog name: Maagie

Via Neeraj Katwal | Dog name: Gorey

Via Özâds | Dog name: Ellie

Via Vikram Singh Mainali | Dog name: Jack Mainali

Via Sandesh Kc | Dog name: Charlie

Via Utsav Joshi

Via Sushan Shrestha | Dog name: Momo

So, which one is your favourite?

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