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Letter to my husband from future

An honest letter from a girl to an imaginary husband from distant future.



Dearest you,

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I am waiting for you. I know I will find you when the time is right, but I also can’t afford to take the risk of missing out on you just because I was too engulfed on myself. I don’t know who you are yet and what you are doing, but I pray to God that wherever you are, you be happy, safe and sound.

Damn, I wonder how you’d be like. Honestly saying, I don’t need someone perfect, the kind people write novels about. I will still fall in love with all your scars and imperfections. When we meet, feel free to tell me about your journey, the highs and the lows, the happiest days and the darkest nights. I wanna know your dreams and your aspirations, your fears and your hopes and every little thing that makes you who you are. I want to listen about all the demons in your mind, so we can fight them together. Don’t worry, I won’t get scared or run away, for I have accepted you as we you are, the complete version of you.

My darling, I have already started to picture our life together.  I wanna spend my Saturdays with your arms around me, just appreciating your existence in my life.  I want those Sunday mornings when I will make breakfast for you and you will drop the kids to school. I want those “You never fail to make it magical” Mondays and “With you, it’s easier to tolerate” Tuesdays. The “Is it midweek already?” Wednesdays. The “I wanna fall in love with your lazy morning face and sleepy voice” Thursdays and “Let’s movie marathon” Fridays.

I am saying all this even without meeting you in real, that itself means I am here being too honest and pure as I am, as I could.  That’s me.

I wanna explore places with you. I wanna be fearless with you, stubborn yet quick-witted with you. No,  I won’t expect us to be similar in everything we do. I will understand that we will have individual differences. So I wanna learn every corner of your heart and your mind, getting surprised by the new discoveries every time.

And as we grow old together, life will test us. There will be times, one of us may act moody or completely irrational, but I hope we always communicate whatever we are feeling without any hesitation and try to sort things out. I want us to keep our love before our egos. Whenever misunderstandings arise between us, which will happen for sure, I hope we don’t give up on each other at the heat of the moment. I swear, I don’t care how hard it gets, I wanna walk my whole life with you.  See I am saying all this even without meeting you in real, that itself means I am here being too honest and pure as I am, as I could.  That’s me.

Now, all that being said, I still have a deep fear inside my heart. Whenever I see the pain and the struggles of married women in our society, it shakes me to the core imagining what if I have to go through the same as well. They sacrificed so much for their family- even their dreams – but still they don’t get enough respect and support because patriarch sense of entitlement thinks that a woman is secondary sex.  So in my life with you, I like to see myself at equal par with you, supporting, suggesting, sharing responsibilities as a life partner.  That partner in there? That’s what I want in literal sense.  Please consider me equal on all our highs and lows.  Will you stand by my side given someday I face the worst? Will you be my voice when I stand there helpless?  I hope that when we raise our children, our daughter never has to feel inferior to her male sibling.  Let our children learn from us about gender equality and the essence and beauty in it.   I hope you are always a strong role model for them, and lead them through example. Most of all, I hope that you are a family man, for whom “family always comes first” before anything else. Hope, I am not asking for too much.  I am just making things clear from the distant past itself.

Anyway, right now, I am struggling to find right words but one day when you are by my side, everything that I am feeling right now, will fit to make perfect sense.

Can’t wait to see you and meet you for real.  Until then, take care of yourself, your health and your world.  As the time comes right, Universe shall connect us and I will show you this mail written for you, long before we met, and we will laugh together.  Yes, this little crazy soul you gonna meet some day.

Yours in ways you don’t know yet.



  1. Gaurav k.c.

    September 15, 2019 at 9:58 am

    Just loved it

    • Nick

      September 15, 2019 at 11:33 am

      Wow good read. Best of luck

  2. PladdSB

    September 16, 2019 at 7:09 am

    Dearest Mine,

    How have you been? I’ve been missing you in my life for some time now, your presence, our togetherness. Some times I just want to get out there and search for you. But I don’t know your name, how you look and where you live and the sad part or should I say the most let down part is I have no, not even one preset criterion for you. Maybe I should’ve set that to meet and be with you sooner but I just want you to be limitless, surprising and unorthodox.
    I guess I can wait as long as it takes to get to meet you.

    Fast forward to when we meet, I want to share with you how the universe perfectly timed my directions and journeys just so we could be together and I’ll hear all the exciting small stories of your life you’ll tell me, all the dark whispers that you couldn’t tell anybody and also the little fancy fantasy pieces you’ll have wanted to share with me. I shall hear it all, your dreams, aims that we will thereon work together to achieve, your fears that we will train together and you will fight, but of course I will be besides you always ready to protect you.

    My beloved future wife, as I picture our life together, I don’t have any title days in it. It’s always a ‘me and you’-> we-day for me, apart from 8-10 hours that will be work hours in weekdays. For weekends, I’m not much of a guy with plans so anything you have we will work it out. And also some days might be friends day, and I shall take you there as a friend – an addition to the gang.

    Just know with me you can be whoever you want, I’ll love the angry-bird in you as much as the sweet you, the stubborn you as much as the witty you. You can be the goddess of tears and we will together tear those with mighty laughs.

    And as the years pass, when… when we will have started being together like, since forever and maybe one of us starts getting moody, a little irrational I promise to be the first one to start the conversation and I also promise that I will try and not let any fights get on to the next day, because the next morning I’ll want to start with you. Whatever be the reason for the fights, our love shall always conquer our differences.

    And for the fear of society that you hold, I will be right beside you no matter what the circumstances. We will be living our life with love and respect for each other. Our children will be learning from us that we and everyone in this society/ world might have different perception of looking at everything but regardless of sex, age and social status, every one deserves equal love and respect. And we will together lead our children as examples.

    As of now, I hope you and I find us, each other real soon.

    And when I find you, the first thing I’d do is save the date because I’m really not good with dates and with every major or minor life events we get through I’ll continue to do so just to start our anniversary day with a special anniversary kiss regardless of the fact that either one or both of us might miss remembering all dates.

    Till then, you too take care of yourselves. Stay awesome, stay yourself!!

  3. Sunil Adhikari

    September 22, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    It is very hard to judge a Nepalese lady. Is she want dal bhat or burger? I mean mingle on a bed is just emotional outreach that never decides your lasting relationship. It is your communication.ur emotional messages, greeting respect helpful determine relationship. The renowned Hollywood figure once said in his biography I hold this lady until I die bcoz I know this lady takes courage to make this useless glitter into gold.What a priceless gift to his wife.

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