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My Story: Misuse of power by an officer from Nepal Police

From the Facebook wall of Mr. Ravi Kumar, an apparent victim of cops mistreatment and abuse of power.  Mr. Kumar is founder of Code For Nepal.



Image: Unsplash

From the Facebook wall of Mr. Ravi Kumar, an apparent victim of cops mistreatment and abuse of power.  Mr. Kumar is founder of Code For Nepal. He and his wife Mitchell cofounded Code for Nepal, an organization aiming to increase digital literacy and use of big data in the country. To that end, they have launched last year to make data on the country more accessible. Kumar has helped rebuild more than 25 schools in the remote villages of Nepal.

Last night a cop hit my arm and threatened to arrest me for taking a video in a public place in Nepal.

I was waiting for my ride in Kathmandu when I heard a traffic cop and a young man shouting at each other. A few pedestrians were watching. There were other cops too.

The young man was telling the cop to not mistreat him and follow the legal procedure. The cop started to threaten him verbally. I pulled my phone and started to take a video.

I had taken a video for a few seconds when another cop, Mr. Tamang, hit me. In his view, I was violating the law. He asked me to delete the video. I told him Nepalis laws allow people to record in public spaces. He threatened to arrest me.

I asked him if he had an arrest warrant. He said he didn’t need one. My ride came and I asked the cop if I could go. The cop said, “No” because he was going to arrest me and teach me a lesson. Another gentleman started to defend me, saying that I was within my rights to take videos in a public space. The cop then threatened to arrest that gentleman too.

I called a couple of friends to inform them about my situation. After that, I asked the cop about the legal basis for him to force us to stay on the sidewalk. He asked one of his team members to bring police warrant.

I just waited. The gentleman continued to talk to the cop, who was now arguing that I was a threat to a VIP motorcade. Since the gentleman was advocating on my behalf, he would be arrested too.

Two copies of the arrest warrant arrived and the cop asked for the name of the gentleman. I interrupted, saying we don’t need to share our personal info with the cop, as he was engaging in an illegal practice. I also thanked the cop for doing his job, but told him what he was doing was not right.

I politely asked again if he would let us go. He finally said yes.

Today I went to the police station where Mr. Tamang works. When I told a cop I wanted to file a complaint he started to lecture me on why I should not. Then he asked my name and dialed a number. After that another cop came and was very nice to me. He was an inspector who listened to me carefully. He then told me that last night I was violating a cyber crime law, apparently. The inspector invited his colleague, a cyber crime expert. We learned that the so called cyber crime law has been proposed but not passed yet. So we agreed I wasn’t violating anything.

Finally I was told that given Mr. Tamang is an inspector and the nice cop who was supposedly going to document my complaint is of the same rank, I will have to wait for Deputy Head of the Police Station to file my complaint. I told them I can’t wait because of another commitment. I thanked the cop for his time and left. Later I learned that a contact of mine had called someone higher up in the security circle and that might be one reason why I was treated nicely at the Police Station.

Overall I’m shocked by the lack of respect for the rule of law and civility Mr. Tamang had. As I kept speaking in English, he probably thought I was a foreigner. Because of my privilege, I knew I would be fine. But I worry about what happens to regular folks who are harassed like this. My hope is cops are trained and supported well, and they ought to know they are there to protect people and hold us accountable—not to misuse their power.


Have you had to face similar incident or situation, where you felt misuse of power by Nepal Police?  Comment below.

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