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My worst experience dealing with officials in government offices of Nepal




We had asked Kmag followers on Facebook, to share their experience of dealing with officials in government office of Nepal and this is what they have to say.

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What’s your view on live-in relationship?

Live-in relationship is quite rare in Nepal but is commonly adopted lifestyle in many developed nations. We have asked our page followers “What’s your view on live-in relationship??” and here is the best selected answers from the comment thread.





By Kshitij Thapa

One of the best ways of maturing in relationship. Teaches couples real life lessons. Helps make financial decisions, emotional support, lesser misunderstandings. 
But like always, its one side of the story.



By Andy Shrestha

Putting some light on western live-in relationship.
One not so talked about reason behind a live in relationship is, adults want privacy in their life at least from their parents. So, they move out of their parents home but they cannot afford to live alone. So, they find someone to live together. This is one big reality here in US.
Another reality is, men don’t want to get married quick like in Nepal because after marriage they are accountable for lot of things legally. So, legal issues is another big reason. 1 of every 4 men is a domestic violence victim in US. (Of course there are women victims like in Nepal too).
Another common reason is: They are in a relationship but do not have money to get married. Since a vast number of people here live by paycheck to paycheck. They don’t really have money to get married. So they live together and have kids. If they are able to save money in future, they get married or else life just goes on like that.
From parents side, many parents want their kids to leave their home when they turn 18, they parents want privacy too. So kids find someone they like, find a place n live together (again because they cannot afford to stay alone even if they want to).
That’s one reason kids and parents do not have family bonding like we have in Nepal.


By Bidhata Lamichhane

We are already subconsciously fed with the idea that live in relationships are not good .. 
But I guess we are adjusting to globalization and we are accepting fact,it’s not that bad … it depends on how strongly and maturely you can contribute.. because if it’s about our society and now, live in relationships here is tougher than any other parts in the world.



By Suresh

If you are talking about culture, traditional and religion. One thing I want to ask: wasn’t lord Krishna and Radha were in a live in relationship?? They didn’t get married but their relationship is consider as “pavitra” and people worshiped them.




By Sarita Nepal

In my view, it’s the most appropriate thing to do… Rather than jumping in commitment .. One can always understand the compatibility between each other, and then make a wise decision for the future. But again, we all have different perspective to stuffs and the society we live in doesn’t support it as much.



By रन्जु डंगोल

In my opinion, as long as the couple is ready to bear the consequences and take responsibilities of whatever might come up, its okay. I personally don’t like it though.



By Prasit Sijapati

Live-in relationship will teach you ‘Why emotional/intellect attachment is really more important than physical attachment.




By Praveen Giri

The initiation of such culture in our society is hard or simply unacceptable. It’s a taboo I think but an important topic to be raised and discussed among youth. No one can understand other in few hours and days and it’s a life changing issue to spend or live whole life with anyone. And hopefully less work at court, to file and take action in divorce case as well as dowry too.



By Rabin Subedi

I just wanna ask will you marry a girl/boy if you know she/he had live in relationship and later they parted??There is no problem in live in relationship but for us to accept,many cultural n traditional and social norms should be changed..Western nations are developed and rich but that doesn’t mean their culture is also good..Globalization doesn’t only mean adopting their life style culture or dressing sense,,will we all adopt their work culture??we don’t see how hard they work for 5 days..and just see how they enjoy weekends!!! Personally,our society still hasn’t evolved so much to accept live in relationship..It’s like demo version before buying full version.


By Shashi Shah

 In my view its totally cool to be in a live-in relationship here in Nepal too. Its a perspective tbf. If we stop thinking about what others think about us then yes we are living a truly meaningful life with our partner. This keeps us free to explore the utmost bond of relationship with our partner and more focused on our goals.



The above answers on the question were collected from our Facebook page, Kaagmandu Magazine. For more answers you can visit the post HERE.  Also, you can add your comments there.  Best comments get published here.

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What are the differences and changes you felt and experienced after marriage that you didn’t know otherwise?

Marriage is very significant life event and very important aspect of our life. However, it is much less spoken topic; much less consulted and counselled issue. We asked our readers,”What does happen after marriage? What are the differences and changes you felt and experienced after marriage that you didn’t know otherwise.?” Here are the best selected answers from the comment thread.



By Ghale Sashi Gurung

In the institution of marriage, there needs a great level of understanding. People say that it comes with an expiry date. That lovey-dovey moments lasts only for few years and rest its all about compromises. But in fact it’s not true.
Marriage is like a teamwork where you make efforts to see each other happy, contribute together for raising a family, comes to a mutual decision and of course spends most of the time together. Yes, there are many times when things do not go well but these things gets unnoticed once you sort out things and let love rule over your ego.


By Rejina Rosemary Giri

After marriage I got another mentor in my life who helps me from kitchen till my studies. He does take care of me in my every situation. He is more of my best friend then my husband.




By Nova RoIka

Love shifts whereas loyalty leads to marriage. 
I love a guy from different cast and after many sweet and sour whirlwind time we shared as a couple we ended up getting married its not like i m very much proud of my inter-caste marriage but I am proud that i married to a man whom i love against all odds. Yes, there are times we shout, argue and have differences but at the end of the day we are smiling, holding hands while having dinner together. 
An experience from #eightyears


By Riya Humagain

Everybody will have different feeling. I don’t know what boys or (let’s say ) men feels. In case of a girl, it’s a bit more difficult to get used to it in beginning years. Different people, different thinking, most of things are different. And if it’s a big family it is really hard to get in fit. You never know whom you are disappointing. Be it a love marriage or a arrange being a girl its really hard for a girl. You are judged as hell everywhere. And there are advantages too you get to learn so many superstitions.But after all we (married people) keep self counseling ” after all marriage is marriage, I have to hold it till my last breath.” Don’t know if I am the only way to feel like this. This is the explanation to get fit in. In case of couple relation, it’s give and take offer, what you give is what you get. Give love, respect and get it in return.


By Narayan Thapaliya

 Makes you more responsible…and love remains…maybe in different form but yes.#10yrs




By MyStic Rsg RoseBud

Marriage makes you mature in a sense that you dread to make silly mistakes which used to be fun earlier. When you live together 24/7 tendency of taking each other for Granted is more. Not to forget, Blame game is full on esp. who was after whom. Brighter side is there is NO escape and eventually you (have to) stick by each other. Sooner or later, you realize the meaning of a popular hindi saying “shaadi woh laddu hai, jo khae woh bhi pachhutae, jo na khae woh bhi pachhutae” 



By Raj Nawa

 Its unlikely people will give you their true experience here. You will find every post here positive only. After all people are not going to open their sad part in public.



By Ishwor Shrestha

 In my context life will be more managed.. become more responsible.




By Thampuk Hang Rai

When ones shit is not enough you bring another person shit in to your life and carry on as usual.




By Aishwarya Salvatore

I believe, that there’s more to life than being married
It kinda takes away your freedom 
I could never imagine myself as a wife, let alone a mother
So, for me, marriage is a no no
Its like being inside a prison.


The above answers on the question were collected from our Facebook page, Kaagmandu Magazine. For more answers you can visit the post HERE.  Also, you can add your comments there.  Best comments get published here.

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What are your experiences of staying in a hostel in Kathmandu?

‘Hostel’ has been happening business in Kathmandu. There are complaints regarding quality of foods, sanitary, security, and lots other things. But how are things inside there? We asked our readers to share their experiences and here are the answers from the comment thread.



By Nisha Prasai

 Best place to join to lose weight. Hostels generally are quite caring about your food intake. They want to make sure that you don’t take too much of calories, so they cook food in such a way that you end up eating just needed calories.
About water and stuffs, well, they understand the water scarcity in Kathmandu!



By Merina Dudhraj

Yeah Exactly, this thing was running in my mind.Same problem is in our hostel (i.e BABA GIRLS HOSTEL ,near Anamnagar Bhatbhoteni.). too whatever other guys have mentioned above..
Yeah,Disaster food and khaja (Sorry, I shouldn’t say that about food)
Water scarcity and blah blah,…Me along with other friends complained about it to Hostel warden but she doesn’t listen our pros..Complaining to Hostel association company came in my mind too,but I don’t know where it is exactly…
Really,don’t wanna live here due to such problems but the environment is good around hostel …its been 3 years I have been living here.I think Hostel Association should check every Hostels and ask students too about the facilities according to fees.


By Rabin Ojha

 Got to know people from almost all over Nepal.. It was a nice experience in overall except those foods.. The best part was gathering at midnight and watching El Clasico.



By रन्जु डंगोल

I stayed in a hostel for one month during an exam preparation and I got to experience the horrible experience. Paani jasto patalo Musuri ko daal and ghiroula and Iskush ko sabzi was the speciality there. I really feel sorry for those who have to live in hostel for a longer duration.



By Prakash Gharti

 I am a hostel owner “I prefer good service rather than good business. I believe, if I could provide a good service & homely environment to students, money is not a problem for their parents”
All the students and their parents expect homely environment and good facilities. I am trying my best to provide good facilities and Homely environment to HOSTELERS. It’s our home no matter how long you spent on hostel [ HOME ].



By Vinayak Poudel

I lived in Namuna Boys Hostel, Baneswor Thapagaun, Opposite Nobel College after 12 for 6 months.. It was the best Private Hostel at that Time.. Hostel Warden was cool.




By Madan Babu Mishra

Spent 4/5 years staying at hostel .
Naya naya maa khana was always good ani 1 year vayapachhi ghar ko yaad aauna thalihalchha. So ek ek barsama naya khuleko hostel shift hune so that we can have better food over there. 
J vayani gathering with boys was fantabulous.



By Oyasis Adhikari

The main problem is lack of quality food.





By Hemanta Gayatra Lamichhane

Spent 11-12 at hostel in Putalisadak ( Sunrise Boys Hostel) 
It was overall a good experience beside we had a thief next room.




By Jyoti Dahal

Its almost a year since I started staying here. And if you ask me, its best service and emotional atmosphere have made it a lil bit of hostel and a whole lot of home.




The above answers on the question were collected from our Facebook page, Kaagmandu Magazine. For more answers you can visit the post HERE.  Also, you can add your comments there.  Best comments get published here.

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