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Running Off the Track



In a race, the most important rule for any player is to run on and along the lane. If players run out of their lane, they will be disqualified. If we apply this criterion as a prerequisite to our current government, what result will we get? Will the KP Oli led government still qualify?

There are several factors responsible for the landslide victory of NCP in the federal elections. The prosperity rhetoric, hyper notion of stable government, nationalist image of K.P. Oli and the unification of two major communist parties are some that benefitted them. It made people trust and immensely believe in them. People voted the NCP with a great enthusiasm and hope that the country will have a better future if they come to power. Today, the NCP is ruling in 6 out of 7 Provinces and KP Oli leads the powerful federal government. The party solely has near to two-third majority in the House of Representatives and more than two-third majority in the National Assembly. And after one year of their reign to power, a fundamental question has and needs to be raised. Has their performance in the federal and provinces been splendid as expected? Are the promises made to people during elections being delivered?

The answers aren’t positive at all. People have lots of expectation with the NCP but it is repeatedly indulging into affairs that doesn’t address the vital concerns of common people. For instance, People desperately wanted syndicate to be gone. The Government promised to put an end to it but didn’t do much for strictly implementing their own decision. People lately realized that it was nothing but a hype, promoted by the Home Ministry. Several major policies and programmes of the government have met the same fate. The massively advertised and equally criticised Social Security Scheme has failed to attract private sector, its workers and employees. Economists highly suspect that the 120 day-unemployment allowance scheme introduced by government would actually help reduce unemployment from the country.

PM Oli and his cabinet has time and again proved their incompetence as an administrator. People have seen and felt a rapid increment in corruption and criminal conducts. Impunity is on the rise as convicts of corruption are allowed to freely roam around and court-convicted murderers are pardoned by the President. There was no quick response from government and concerned authorities on the recent Nakkhu bomb blast incident that injured three innocent pedestrians. Biplov – Maoist, taking responsibility of that criminal conduct which claimed the life of one innocent person, termed it “a minor mistake”. The government was very late to condemn this terrorist act. This proves its failure to adopt adequate and viable measures to obstruct such adversity and maintain peace and security in the country. At one point, it seemed as if the government is more concerned about regulating social media than securing the lives of people of this country.

At this point, the Oli – led government seems very confused on its core mission. Even someone like CK Raut has trapped the Prime Minister to set himself free from the bars. After amassing much failure on almost every front of governance, one thing where the government seems to be most successful, is at creating controversies. In this one year, people have seen the President, head of the constitutional bodies and the entire cabinet involved into nasty controversies. Even the judiciary became a part of it resulting in a series of conflict for several months. Though this has come to an end for now, it has diminished its dignity and trust from among people. Today, the Prime Minister is seen freely scoffing and mocking his critics and the opposition but there is a bill registered in Parliament that proposes to punish people for their posts in Social Media. Another bill tabled in the parliament creates barrier to acquire citizenship through mother. The cadres of NCP are seen publicly threatening singers to remove their “anti-government” songs from YouTube.

The government is busy staging an unclothed dance of power while the opposition is weak and dumb to play its role. All that is left for people is grievances and outrage.


I'm a Law student, passionate about learning new things and sharing ideas, information, opinions on issues that matter. Opinions expressed here are personal.

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My envisioned Kmag

The author is the founder of Kaagmandu Magazine, and he likes to share his idea behind his venture and his long-term plan through this editorial piece.



The website that you are right now reading this piece of writing is a mere WordPress content management system.  It’s like an apartment.  I am not here to settle in this apartment.  Everything starts small.  This is just a start.  Let me tour you to my envisioned world.  Grab a tea or coffee and walk with me.


To begin with, let me begin from my understanding of life and nature.  We were microcells that got fused under right condition and then 9 months were given to develop and then ready to face the world. Level 1 got cleared.  Level 2 had different stages – from childhood to adulthood – we needed to clear them all and needed to clear patiently spending 20-30 years of our life.  It’s same with anything in nature.  Growing up is a process.  You cannot rush and should not rush.  If you try to grow ahead of time, you may grow by height and width but inside you are hollow like a bamboo, or spongy like a banana tree.

In my past post, I had hinted bit about my journey.  To me, life and business in philosophical ground is almost same.  There are many stages and phases that a business has to go through that would eventually mature the business.  So ya, business too has to go through a process and it needs to grow by the process – not too fast and not too slow – to last long, to last strong.

In other word, life is a marathon and not a 100-m race.  So is a business.


Newton would not be Newton without the question.  Every great discovery and invention, theory and ideology begun from a question.  That’s the power of a question.  A question can drive you, can motivate you, and can guide you.  Basically, question triggers reasoning and critical thinking and does not settle without finding an answer.  So my questions were

  1.  Why are Nepalese people the way they are?
  2.  What is lacking in this country making this country the way it is?
  3.  Why is standard of living different for different people in this world?
  4.  Why 7 billion monkeys can’t stay connected and share joy and pain, thoughts and ideas, like one happy big family?
  5.  What is that common point or thing that whole world can come together at?

In personal level, my questions were

  1.  What can I do to make this world a better place for people now and people from future?
  2.  How can I survive by doing what I love doing?
  3.  How can I still remain healthy and happy during all these trials and struggles?
  4. Who do I want to be known as when I die?

To find answers of those question, I needed to take a scientific approach.  I needed to form a hypothesis, build by lab, collect samples, research, experiment, test, understand.  For all that to happen, I needed to free up myself from my comfort zone and take a road to unknown.  That’s when I found answers of the questions, (though still need to be cross verified and tested before I settle with.)  Nepalese people are the way they are because of ignorance and poverty.  What is lacking in this country is informed and financially independent people.  Different people have different standard of living because of the country they belong to — people with better standard of living got born in a country with better foundation.  Humans until now have not been able to stay connected and share joy and pain, thoughts and ideas, like one happy big family because there is no medium as such to connect and lack common shared values and beliefs.  Whole world can come together at one point where there is zero threat, absolute acceptance regardless of differences, guarantee of existence, and support for individual growth.  Then, I thought over my strengths and weaknesses, my limitations, things I am passionate about, that I love doing, my challenges and potential setbacks, and I imagined myself in a deathbed and number of obituaries and response thereafter.

All those questions, their answers and thoughts and assumptions are what took me to where I am today and whatever I am up to.  Kmag or Kaagmandu Magazine is result of that. It’s a platform that will be known for informing people, connecting people, uniting people, empowering people.


A giant organisation, where comes together creative people, artists and intellects, scientists and innovators, researchers and developers, doing what they love doing without need to worry about money, and then distributing and showcasing their works to billions out there for greater good of locals and globe.  I don’t know where it will be located nor I am particular about, but I wish it be located where it was born.

That envisioned Kmagz dot com is 5-10 years far from now.  This website is a small step towards.


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Thank you for your time.  We are better together.

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Understanding of Rape in Nepal



There are two types of rape:

  • 1.  The heinous one, where a child is raped, gang rape, old woman is raped, brutally raped and assaulted, and in some case, murdered.

This kind of rape is an act of psychopath, a sick mind, like any heinous murder. This kind of crime should be dealt differently and only preventive method in such case is to recognise such mentally sick individuals and maintain a distance from; keeping your child and vulnerable far away from. It’s the same preventive methodology we practice to not get killed by homicidal minds.

And there is another type of rape,

  • 2.  Rape by boyfriend, husband, close friend, colleague, cousin, neighbour, etc.

The former one often mitigates and undermines the later type, even though it is as wrong as the former one. That’s because our concept of rape is often something like that of type I, and media too are only focused on the type I. However, statistically speaking, most of the rape cases are that of Type II.

Unlike type I, type II rape is a result of lack of understanding of what is rape in first place itself, culture, and many other social factors. This type of rape can be eliminated if there is enough awareness regarding sexual right, concept of consent, and good support system.

We need to build a society where any form of rape is UNACCEPTABLE. We need to tell people, educate and inform them on legal definition of rape. We need to establish values related to consent and sexual right. Until we focus and react only on Type I, we will not win over the rape culture. After all, out of 10 rape cases, 8 are the Type II cases.

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Please, Don’t wish for King!!

This writing, this guts, this freedom speak the volume …beauty and essence of what we have accomplished by throwing out rule of wombs and sperms.



I get to see some youths born in 90s are fascinated by the idea of King in Nepal. That’s maybe because of the current political leadership, social media rants, their monarchist parents talking about how great king used to be, bla bla, and maybe Game of Thrones.

This generation is the most privileged one, but then it’s human nature that we always want more, we always want better. This generation does not know that they are living a time with more black-topped road than ever. This generation does not know that they are less likely to get jailed for expressing their thoughts and opinions than ever. This generation does not know that per income capita is higher than ever. This generation does not know that child mortality is much less than ever. This generation does not know that access to health, education and information is much higher than ever. This generation simply does not know how Nepal used to be. Because not much movies/documentaries were made on past Nepal, not much books written, not much songs on….basically not much documented history about Past Nepal. So looking around, comparing it with rest of the world, they go like “F*CK politicians..we are behind because of these leeches.” They don’t think otherwise, politicians were around for 20 years but kings were for 200 years.

Most of roads that we get to zoom our bike today in Kathmandu were not there when King was there. Most of the big bungalows in Baluwatar and prime location of Kathmandu were of those from Royal/Rana family and their closed ones. Most of the cars on road used to be from them. Our 90s born don’t know that.

They think corruption is high now, because that’s what they get to hear every now and then through media. What they don’t get is that’s because we have freedom of press and access to information. Journalists back then would be put into jail if had done same for Kings and his clans.

Dear young minds, it does not hurt me much when old people from past, who had their best life under the blessings of kings bitching about democracy, republic, democratic leaders from now. But you? It hurts when you do that, because you are simply wishing for a ghost out of your fantasy, while enjoying the privilege and freedom bestowed by the very same democracy, freedom and open society.

You don’t need to believe me, my words, or anything. Just close your eyes, and put your rationality into work and ask yourselves:

1. Do you want a country where a human, just happened to be born from a womb of royal family is being called God, Bishnu ko Avatar?

2. Do you want a country where the person is above law because is a king.

3. Do you want a country where being close to Royal family gives you opportunity to accumulate wealth, gets you any national award, gets you any access regardless of your merit or actual talent?

4. Forget about Kathmandu for now, and think about rest of the country. Think about all the towns from Mechi to Mahakali, think about all the people living there. Ask yourself why those people have been living poor, why those places were not developed? Put a small effort to compare those people and their places 50 years back and now. Ask yourself why it was terrible 50 years back than now.

Whatever we have accomplished so far is hard-earned achievements for better Nepal, and of course, it’s not enough — more to achieve, more to do and we are in the process. We all are working towards it.

There are 100s of questions you need to ask before you fantasize about King in this country. Yes of course, politicians now have failed to meet our expectations, but c’mon at least we can replace them, what about KING?? You can’t replace them even if turns out to be a complete crap.

So my point is, whatever we have accomplished so far is hard-earned achievements for better Nepal, and of course, it’s not enough — more to achieve, more to do and we are in the process. We all are working towards it. Of course there are some bad guys but sooner or later they too will be nabbed, unlike Royal families and their clans.

Please don’t fantasize Game of Thrones in real world. Let’s work together in institutionalizing what we already have, where we all can dream to lead the country, lead the business, lead the development, and not just “favorites of palace.” So, let’s stick together to not take this country back to the stone age, where a human can become “Bishunu ko avatar,” can be above law, and his sperm is enough to decide another supremo for 3 cr humans.

I am saying all these to you because, old people are soon going to die, within a decade, but you will be still around and with your fantasy of seeing King, I am scared, hell scared, that because of your fantasy our children have to go through what many generations had gone through with “Bishnu ko Avatar” and his clans in Narayanhitti.

This writing, this guts, this freedom speak the volume — beauty and essence of what we have accomplished by throwing out rule of wombs and sperms.

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