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Running Off the Track



In a race, the most important rule for any player is to run on and along the lane. If players run out of their lane, they will be disqualified. If we apply this criterion as a prerequisite to our current government, what result will we get? Will the KP Oli led government still qualify?

There are several factors responsible for the landslide victory of NCP in the federal elections. The prosperity rhetoric, hyper notion of stable government, nationalist image of K.P. Oli and the unification of two major communist parties are some that benefitted them. It made people trust and immensely believe in them. People voted the NCP with a great enthusiasm and hope that the country will have a better future if they come to power. Today, the NCP is ruling in 6 out of 7 Provinces and KP Oli leads the powerful federal government. The party solely has near to two-third majority in the House of Representatives and more than two-third majority in the National Assembly. And after one year of their reign to power, a fundamental question has and needs to be raised. Has their performance in the federal and provinces been splendid as expected? Are the promises made to people during elections being delivered?

The answers aren’t positive at all. People have lots of expectation with the NCP but it is repeatedly indulging into affairs that doesn’t address the vital concerns of common people. For instance, People desperately wanted syndicate to be gone. The Government promised to put an end to it but didn’t do much for strictly implementing their own decision. People lately realized that it was nothing but a hype, promoted by the Home Ministry. Several major policies and programmes of the government have met the same fate. The massively advertised and equally criticised Social Security Scheme has failed to attract private sector, its workers and employees. Economists highly suspect that the 120 day-unemployment allowance scheme introduced by government would actually help reduce unemployment from the country.

PM Oli and his cabinet has time and again proved their incompetence as an administrator. People have seen and felt a rapid increment in corruption and criminal conducts. Impunity is on the rise as convicts of corruption are allowed to freely roam around and court-convicted murderers are pardoned by the President. There was no quick response from government and concerned authorities on the recent Nakkhu bomb blast incident that injured three innocent pedestrians. Biplov – Maoist, taking responsibility of that criminal conduct which claimed the life of one innocent person, termed it “a minor mistake”. The government was very late to condemn this terrorist act. This proves its failure to adopt adequate and viable measures to obstruct such adversity and maintain peace and security in the country. At one point, it seemed as if the government is more concerned about regulating social media than securing the lives of people of this country.

At this point, the Oli – led government seems very confused on its core mission. Even someone like CK Raut has trapped the Prime Minister to set himself free from the bars. After amassing much failure on almost every front of governance, one thing where the government seems to be most successful, is at creating controversies. In this one year, people have seen the President, head of the constitutional bodies and the entire cabinet involved into nasty controversies. Even the judiciary became a part of it resulting in a series of conflict for several months. Though this has come to an end for now, it has diminished its dignity and trust from among people. Today, the Prime Minister is seen freely scoffing and mocking his critics and the opposition but there is a bill registered in Parliament that proposes to punish people for their posts in Social Media. Another bill tabled in the parliament creates barrier to acquire citizenship through mother. The cadres of NCP are seen publicly threatening singers to remove their “anti-government” songs from YouTube.

The government is busy staging an unclothed dance of power while the opposition is weak and dumb to play its role. All that is left for people is grievances and outrage.


Samir Kulung Rai is an undergraduate Law student & a contributor to the Kaagmandu Magazine, covering law, politics and society.



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Budanilkantha Accident and the social media trial



We have been getting tons of messages on the incident. So far, what we have learned is that the alleged culprit, Prithvi Malla, is in police custody and is under judicial process.

Apparently, there were some “models” inside the car and netizens are infuriated because “they were in a ramp the very next day”

Looks like no body takes modelling as a career and does not know that modelling as a job too gets bind by contract and commitment and no matter what is happening in your personal life, you gotta be available in your professional world with usual self, unless you have legal obligation to skip your professional activities for time being because of the incident.

Imagine, those people there were doctor, or recording technician, or maybe writer. Would you say, “how could you bindas listen the song in your recording studio, after the incident?” There is nothing wrong for them to get back to their job/work. You don’t know how they are feeling inside. Don’t judge them by how they shield their true state of mind.

If they are guilty, they will be nabbed to the court. Until then, they have the right to practice their profession as they have committed, as they are supposed to. Let it be.

Lastly remember, everything we know is through social media posts and maybe media. No one knows what really has happened but this social media trial is just not right, when there is a whole law enforcement and investigation department to do the job. If Nepal is that bad, Mahara would not be inside the bar. Have faith in the system. Don’t get too much into the social media trial culture.

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Food For Thought

Opinion Vs Fact: Things to understand while communicating




Once, I was in a camp designed to train youths on liberty, freedom, free-market, and governance. Four foreign nationals were conducting the class.  There were interactions, discussions and Q&A sessions.  There were many instances where the foreigners would ask questions about Nepal, and students would answer them, and sometimes answers used to be totally exaggerated one or sometimes completely untrue, but then those foreigners would believe them anyway as if is true.  Stepping onto the shoes of those foreigners, I surely would have found Nepal a horrible place to live in based on the answers and views shared by Nepalese in the class.

I still remember the Human Rights report during the Madhesh andolan and how that irked many people then. I remember an article written in response to the report stating “many times, western media and organisations cover Nepal and build their views plainly based on correspondents living in New Delhi or only by interviewing opinion leaders from Kathmandu.”  I also remember one of the videos by Al Jazeera and how that actually shaped views of others regarding Madhesh Andolan.

What can we learn from these incidences and observations is that we often end up spreading false messages or half truth, about our country and people, especially in crisis-hit time.  I suppose it’s same everywhere in developing society.  So, how do we end up spreading false messages? It’s in our lack of communication skills.  There is something else.

When we are telling something to somebody about our country or government or an incident, we are either expressing
1. Our opinion, OR.
2. Telling the fact.

Opinion is what you feel, what you think. Fact is something that has been proven, is backed by evidence, or a conclusion from an extensive research.  People generally don’t take opinion that seriously but take facts quite seriously.  What happens when you express your opinion in a tone of fact-telling? People will take that seriously as if is a truth.

Let’s put it in example.
“Nepal is a very highly corrupted country. Everyone is corrupted here. You can buy anyone for money.” This statement sounds like a fact.

” I think, Nepal is a very highly corrupted country. To me, everyone seems corrupted here.  I even think you can buy anyone for money.  That’s just my opinion though.” This statement sounds pretty much an opinion.

Could you see the difference?? That “I think” makes a whole difference.

So, how an opinion should be expressed and not make it sound like fact telling? It’s very simple. You begin or end a sentence with “in my opinion” or “I think.”

I get to read many comments, I get to hear many stories, get to observe many interactions, and I have been noticing everywhere that we don’t know how to express our opinion and how to put facts. We just talk.  The problem is not just in youth.  It’s in everyone.  It’s in politicians, it’s in media, it’s in streets, it’s in home.  Basically, it’s in our culture.

You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.

I understand, we cannot be always politically and technically correct, but that should not be an excuse when representing your group or country and talking to outsiders or talking to media.  If you fail to rightly express your opinion, your opinion can be taken as FACTS.  Eventually, we may end up establishing an opinion as a fact.

That’s what has happened to us. We mix up opinion with facts. We claim to know things about government without even knowing in true sense.  We claim to know things about people without even knowing in true sense.  We claim to know about many things without even knowing in true sense.  Foreigners may not know that.  Children for sure can’t know that.  Students may not know that.  Online users, readers and viewers, may not know that.  They all will go home thinking they have learned about something because you said so.  “They told in TV bla bla bla…”

Look around!! Because of the very same culture, there are all kinds of nonsense taken as facts.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan, an American sociologist, once rightly said “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.”  Many people here don’t get that.  You please don’t be that.  When you are expressing your opinion, make it sound like an opinion and not a fact.

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Food For Thought

Don’t settle quick




If you are in your early 20s, you are young.  You have at least another 5 years to worry less about finance and familial responsibilities. See? This is not the time for you to run for money, to run for car and house. The time will come that you will have no option but to run for those things. You will be stuck with familial and social responsibilities, even if you don’t want to.  BUT, THIS IS NOT THE TIME.

This is the time to know people, to try, to experiment, to explore. The energy that you have at this age bracket won’t be same 5 years from now. You will realize that only when you are nearing your 30.  So, make best use of the energy that you have. not to live like a 30-year-old person but like a 22-year-old, as you are. Your 30-year-old life anyway is there waiting for you.  But hey! your 22-year-old life won’t be there.

So, live your 20s life now. Don’t waste it by living your 30s life, just to live the same life 5 years from now.

This is the time for you to join new circle, new people, join start-ups, try building things, try creating things, try winning deals, try ruling markets, try this, try that, try everything. Even if it does not work out, you are young and you will be alright; not like in 30s, when you mess up, your chance to grow further shrinks by half.

So I say, don’t look for job in Facebook, job in Google, job in CG or NCell or NTC or some big corporate house, where you would feel secure, would earn better.  Instead, look for job in start-ups, and make it next Facebook or Google or CG or NCell.  If you want to try your own, that’s even better.  How much ever you give for big companies, you will be still only known as employee. When you give your best for start-ups, you will be known as founding team, founding member. When the start-ups become big, your name will be in its history book, you pics will be in companies wall.

That’s the beauty of working with start-ups. You are just in your 20s, I repeat, don’t run for money. Run for a team that is worth investing your time and energy up on, that you look back 5 years from now and shout “YES! WE MADE IT.” That sense of achievement, you will never feel in big companies nor job abroad, in same manner as you would feel when turning start-ups to next Facebook or Apple or another big corp.

One life, don’t waste it. One youthfulness, don’t settle too quick.

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