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Scholarship Programs for India



Embassy of India, Kathmandu, is inviting Nepalese students to apply for their scholarship programs. The scholarship is for students who want to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate in various universities and institutions across India during the academic year of 2019-20.

Who can apply?

Basically, Students who are eligible to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate studies according to General Scholarship Scheme(GSS) and Silver Jubilee Scholarship scheme (SJSS) criteria can apply for the scholarship by February 10, 2019 (Sunday).

What is GSS?

General Scholarship Scheme(GSS) is a popular scholarship scheme by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) for foreign students from various countries belonging to Asia, Africa and Latin America. GSS consists of scholarships in various undergraduate and postgraduate courses such as Science, Engineering, Commerce, Management, Arts, Agriculture, Law, Homeopathy and other applied courses. However, it does not include any medical courses such as MBBS, BDS, Nursing, Physiotherapy et cetera and fashion. 

What is SJSS?

Silver Jubilee Scholarship scheme (SJSS) provides scholarships for postgraduate and PhD studies in all other courses excluding engineering, agriculture, medicine and para medical (nursing).

What are the courses offered?

Courses offered:


B. Tech

M. Tech












BSc. Ag


B Pharm

M Pharm



Colleges embassy will offer: NIT, IISc Bangalore, Andhra university, VTU, BU, NSL Bangalore and many other government colleges.

What is the criteria for applying?

  • Students applying for undergraduate programs are advised have above 60% aggregate marks in +2.
  • Students applying for postgraduate are advised to have minimum 60% marks in aggregate in bachelors from a recognized university.
  • Candidates applying for BE/B.Tech should have taken PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) in their School Leaving Examinations as it is mandatory for engineering courses.
  • Students should be minimum of 18 years of age and not more than 30 years at the time of admission

What else benefits being provided?

Living allowances provided for students:

  • Undergrad student will get 18,000 INR per month.
  • Postgrad student will get 20,000 INR per month.
  • M.Phil / Ph.D. student will get 22,000 INR per month.

If hostels not available, House rent allowance of 5500-6500 INR per month will be provided based on city grade.

How to apply?

Admizz Nepal, an educational consultancy for students who are looking for opportunity to study in India, has been facilitating  interested students in applying for the scholarship.  Deadline to apply is February 10, 2019.  At earliest date possible, Admizz would like to help the interested and deserving students in application process.  Please send your CV in [email protected] ASAP, since there is not much of time left.

For any query, you can call at Admizz Helpline number 9802728444

In a mission of revolutionising admission process at an ease of a click

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Join the workshop to gain skills

Almost everyone of us are educated but when it comes to skills that’s needed to excel in life and career, most of us lack that. Blame to our education or economy or overall upbringing. That’s the bitter fact we live in. Considering the needs and significance, we have come up with skill-based workshop to help Nepalese youths in acquiring career-enhancing skills.



Hello there,

It was your wise decision to land up on this page because we are in a mission of training 10,000 Nepalese youth on various skills by 2020. that is needed for their career growth but they lack, and it should be a great opportunity for you to be part of our mission.

About Us

Intellectual Theater is a sister wing of Kaagmandu Magazine, that deals with events and workshops.  Realizing that most of educated Nepalese lack basic skills and only few options available for them, we came up with an idea of organizing workshops on various skills of broad range, at a very affordable pricing at just Rs. 2000 (i.e. 20 dollars).

What skills do we provide

For now, we are conducting workshops on following skills:

  1.  Photoshop
  2.  Illustrator
  3.  Wordpress
  4.  Excel
  5.  Video editing
  6.  Writing
  7.  Doing business
  8.  Public speaking
  9. Photography
  10. Digital Marketing.

You can, however, show your interest on some other skill that you want to acquire and we can come up with your desired workshop.

What about Timing

We conduct workshop in three different timings:

  1.  Morning
  2.  Afternoon
  3.  Evening

You can opt for the timing that’s suitable for you.

What about location

Workshop happens at our office space itself, which is located at Prayag Marg, New Baneshwor.

Duration of workshop

Most of our workshops are of 6-day long workshop.

How much is the Fee

Most of our workshops are in very reasonable pricing, that is NRS 2000 per workshop for 6-day long.

Can I Sponsor for others

Sure.  That will be great.  Your small contributions can make a difference by helping Nepalese youth gain the skills.

How do I start

It’s very simple.  Just fill up the form HERE.  Once we receive your application, we will contact you, and you are all set to go.

If you have any other question, feel free to call us at 9841493770 or email your queries to [email protected]

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Tour Our Website



So we have now this brand new sexy shinning website ready for you guys.  This website gonna make a history, make a name and fame that we all can be proud of.  Can’t wait for that day to come.

For now, let us tour you around and let you understand what all is in here and how you can make optimum use of.   (NOTE:  This is on destop version, and may slightly vary with mobile version, but then once you understand this, you will get the mobile version as well)


As soon as you land on our website Home Page, top on the page, you can see “Shop TO Support,” “Search button” and “Menu Bar.”

  •  SHOP TO SUPPORT:  This is to take you to our e-commerce page integrated with this website.  For now products listed there are mostly dummy ones, but soon there will be products for real that you can purchase from.  Idea behind this e-commerce integration is that you can shop from us which will help us to carry on our media work.  You can as well directly land on shopping section, by visiting 

Something like this will appear and you are smart enough to take it from there.


  • SEARCH BUTTON:  This is another aesthetically brilliant feature in this website, that we call mini Google.  Just like in Google, just search a keyword or a sentence and anything that we have ever written on the searched words or phrase will be shown to you.  That will be very handy for you to find your favorite articles or contents from us.  Or, in search of answer, the search button can do the wonder.  When you click the button, something like this will appear, and just do the search.  Eg,  search “Love,” or “carreer”

  • MENU BAR:All the contents from us are categorized, like News, Knowledge & Infos, Opinion, Videos, etc.  If you don’t want to scroll top to bottom and want to read only what interests you from the available categories, just toggle your mouse and you get to see latest 5 posts from the category.



  1.  First Section:  Featured posts.  This is where you get to see posts that we have highlighted deeming much interesting to you or important to you. Total 5 posts you can see in this section.
  2. Second Section:  Latest Posts.  This section is for 6 latest posts from us.
  3.  Third Section:  Advertorial.  This is a paid section where you get to see promotional or informative contents from our advertisers on their products or services.
  4.  Fourth Section:  News.  Latest 4 news that might interest you can be found here.
  5.  Fifth Section:  Opinion.   This is the place where you get to see latest 6 opinion piece on various topics and issues.
  6.  Sixth Section:  Infos and Knowledge.  This section is purely for information and knowledge that we have gathered through study and research.
  7. Seventh Section:  Life and stuffs.  This section is for various aspects of life like education, career, spirituality etc
  8. Eighth Section:  Speak-Up section.  Kmag is nothing without discussions and this is the place for all that to happen.
  9.  Ninth Section:  Videos.  That’s for awesome collection of videos brought to you by us to save your time on internet.  Everything is worth watching there.
  10.  Tenth Section:  Happiness.  In another word, entertainment.  That section is full of stuffs primarily to entertain you.
  11.  Eleventh Section:  Health & Sports.  As name suggest.
  12.  Twelfth Section:  Science and Tech.  As name suggest.
  13.  Thirteenth Section:   Business.  As name suggest.
  14.  Fourteenth Section:  Arts and Literature.  As name suggest.

Then comes the More Stuffs, which is random posts from us if you don’t want to leave our site.  🙂


This is where you get to know more about us, what all we offer, etc.   And see that little guy over there with arrow?? Just click there and you will be straight on top without a need to scroll up.  BINGO!

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FAQ: Nepol Gift Card



If you are already aware about the card and its utility, and need no introduction, you can simply CLICK HERE TO APPLY, for the card.

What is Nepol?

Nepol is a gifting brand of Kaagmandu Magazine, where POL in Nepol stands for parcel of love — Nepol, the parcel of love from Nepal.  In order to be less reliant on advertisers to fund our media and keep doing what we intent to do in creating an informed society, and to promote local businesses and their products/services, we have come up with this sister organisation of ours which will be working on products and services related to gifts, cakes, accessories, apparel, and many more.  We can check them out in our SHOP TO SUPPORT section

What is Nepol Gift Card?

Once in a while, you all buy a cake, right?
Once in a while, you all gift somebody something, right?
Once in a while, you all treat yourself, right?
Every now and then, there are festivals and you would like to buy something for home, right?

Nepol Gift Card is basically a card, that let you buy anything mentioned above through us without wondering or worrying about anything.

When you need a cake, just call us.
When you need gifts, just call us.
Looking for apparel and accessories? just call us.

It’s a key to our store and networks, that we have entrusted upon, to ease and facilitate your everyday life.

Why should I get it?

  1.  First and foremost, your spending through us will help us carrying out our mission of creating an informed society — something you can always be proud of and feel good about.
  2.  We are high in integrity and honesty, which also means every product on sale and every partner we have are something/someone you can blindly trust on.  This level of confidence and comfort, you cannot get anywhere else.
  3.  Holding the card makes you special and privileged and brings you closer to us and you should never ever feel like “I have no body in this world.
  4.  We will save your money by either giving you some discounts or adding values in every purchase.
  5.  Unlike other cards, it’s transferable, which means this card can be used by anyone you let to use and still enjoy the benefits.
  6.  Last but not the least, it will make your life way easier.

How much do I need to pay for the card?

This card is like an ATM card with minimum balance of Rs. 1000.  So, technically speaking, you don’t really need to pay anything for the card, but to open the account, you must have to pay Rs. 1000, which you can redeem in your future purchase.

Cool, I am interested.  How to apply?

It’s very simple process.  You just need to fill up the form HERE, and you will get a call from us and boom! you have your card ready to deliver.

I am not from Kathmandu. Can I still apply?

Sure buddy.  Even if you are from abroad, you can apply and we will get it delivered at your doorstep.


Hope, it’s all clear and you are left with no confusion.  If you still have any, you can always call us at 9841-493770 (Viber or regular call) to clear out your doubts and confusions.  Regardless, we always love you.  Thank you for your time and interest.


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