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Sometimes, reality can be too complicated, especially  in a society where norms and standards are very defined based on traditional values and culture.  This limits us from being straight forward to some people.  Can limit us from being bold and honest and express our heart out without hesitation to certain people, especially if they are elder to us or someone with good social/financial status.

And sometimes we can’t express out, say what we need to say due to our own lack of confidence or low self esteem.

But then it’s very important to let them out and let the universe take them from there …. and miracle can happen, you never know.  If nothing also, at least you will feel good; kind of sense of being relieved, sense of being in peace.

With all that thoughts, we have designed this speak-up section for you to speak your heart out anonymously.  Fill the form below and leave the rest to us to play the universe.

p.s. Not to express your “romantic feeling” for your crush.




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My Story

“Made in Heaven” isn’t a myth

A love story that seems like meant to ….



On February 20, 2016, a girl named Nisha Prasai, inboxed in Kmag page.


Fans trying to know the person behind the page was not new to me, and like to every other fan, I was being nice and generous to her.  There was something new to her approach though. She wanted to know my full name.  Reason I learned later that she wanted to make sure I belong to the caste that she would not have problem marrying to.

I mean who would take such long a shot with a stranger!!

She told me that she had waited all day for me to get back to her.

See? She was behind my last name.

She replied back saying, “there is no one name called Lakshya S.”  She actually searched me on Facebook and since my Facebook name was different, she could not find me.

Finally, she somehow found me, not my profile though but a facebook page on my personal name, that I had once created for a while.

And she said something, I said something.  We never really could forget the name ever, because we were destined to meet each other in person.

This crazy fan of Kmag, who even without meeting me had thought of marrying me, making sure I match her caste, I didn’t know what to say to this thing happening in my life at that point in time, when my life was in a mess, in a transition phase.  That was on February.  Until this point, she was just a fan and I didn’t think anything but to respect her innocence and dedication towards my page and my work.  Meanwhile, I had created a Facebook group, bringing together Kmag’s true fans and followers, and I invited her to join the group.  We stayed in touch here and there through Facebook chat, but nothing as such intention from my side, because I was not in a mood or desire to be in any relationship, that too with a fan.  She, however, was quite serious about me, and used to call me her crush.  I was hoping that this infatuation of her would fade away with time.

July 2016, I visited Nepal (I was in India till then).  There was a gathering of the group I had formed.  I tried skipping that gathering because she was coming.  I didn’t want to appear and complicate anything between us, because as i said I had no desire to play with a feeling of a fan, who seemingly infatuating.  First gathering, I managed to skip but in second gathering, I accidentally stumbled up on and there she was.

Damn! I didn’t want to meet her, but then “now here I am…be nice to her.”

I left from there with casual conversation with the group members including her.  I thought after seeing me in my messed up attire, she would change her mind.  But then, she still showed no less interest in me, and I gave up.  I called her to meet me in person next day on July 24, 2016.  That was our first date, which we would celebrate as our anniversary hence.

Until that point, I had not formalized the relationship as such because I was still skeptical about her approach towards me.   I warned her though that being in a relationship with me can be very risky given my social media networks, which might expose her as well, and in case relationship didn’t work, she had to live with scars, facing the world with my name tagged.  Moreover, I had been thinking that it’s all infatuation and after sometimes, everything will be over.

But she was so sure that it was not an infatuation but a love.  I left for India again, asking for sometime for myself to think and prepare.

Meanwhile, we would stay in touch through chats.  She would send me meaningful memes and posts and this one hit me hard.  “I want us to be like this,” she said.

“Oh, girl how could you be this mad about me?” She is damn pretty, damn sweet and she could have any guy in this world and not me, but still she was wanting me.

I came back to Nepal again as my parents were leaving for Norway to visit my sister.  I strictly told her, “See, if you want to be in relationship with me, it must be a serious one, which means you would be introduced to my parents as my future wife; you would be introduced to my friends and circle.  Whatever ups and downs, you would not leave me and vice versa.  You gotta tell your mom as well about it.  I don’t like the typical Nepalese youth love where they should fear and hide from the society and world.  It will be like Westerner’s relationship, that they roam around, go around, tell around without hesitation.”  I also warned her, “break up with me can be very costly with that level of exposure in this small town so if you need time to think…take your time.  Even if you say no to serious relationship, you will not lose me.  I will be still there for you to talk, to listen, to help you in need.”

She still said yes to my proposal for serious relationship.  That’s how the journey begun towards unknown.

Fast forward three and half years, I am married to her on January 18, 2020, without any family drama, complication, or cold feet, as if everything was meant to be.

She made me believe in three things which I thought would exist only in movie.

  1.  Soul mate.
  2.  Unconditional love.
  3.  Couples are made in heaven.

Some love stories are romantic.  Some love stories are inspiring.  I am lucky that I got both.  I am not bragging about her because she is my wife, but truly speaking, she is the kind of girl I wish for every guy.  She is an epitome of Goddesses.  I sometime tell her, “You are an angel.”  I now feel that more real.

I had been waiting to tell this for a long time but before all that, I wanted to be sure and the marriage ensured everything.  Congratulations to us.

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Stories and Accomplishments of 2019

These comments are collected from our Facebook Page, Kaagmandu Magazine



On 31st December 2019, we asked our K-mag followers about their achievements and stories that shaped their 2019. Here’s what they have to say.

Roz Khadka: Sent some creepy people to police station. Not kidding ! “

Suzu Acharya:I did scuba diving despite of having Aquaphobia.

Pratima Bista: Got engaged to love of my life. Happily engaged.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, wedding and child


Sharmila Pun: “2019 was a hella experience for me done and dusted with Rara Lake, Shey Pkhoksundo, Gosaikunda, ABC and at the end of the year lived a couple of days with Chepang Community in Makwanpur. Some done solo, some with my friends/family.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, snow, tree, outdoor and nature

Via Sharmila Pun

Shraddha S Adhikari: Did paragliding, zip flying, visited almost 20 districts of Nepal and succeeded living on my own terms and conditions.

Amit Gautam:“Added prefix CA to my name.

Sunil Dhital: Got a puppy. Simba ya’ll.”

Image may contain: dog

Via Sunil Dhital


Image may contain: one or more people

Via Sujan Dhakal

Affy Affy: “Read 60 books ! For 2020, its 100.” 

Sagun Pant: Got married!! To a very great person, beyond my imagination. I had honestly never thought that married life can be this supportive for a female. And eventually fell in love with him. Yes, it was arranged one.

Bipul Bhattarai: Dream Accomplished. Successfully worked as a Cricket Commentator.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

Via Bipul Bhattarai

Rohan Shrestha: 2019 treated me well with my baby girl.. a proud dad. Well it’s a great feeling to photograph own child.

Image may contain: 2 people, stripes

Via Rohan Shrestha

Casperskynn Youknowho: Survived, escaped life threatening diseases and accidents, learned self control and avoided murdering other annoying people. So, i guess not a bad year after going through all the shithouse life had to offer.”

Grishma Ghale: Graduated, Went Rafting Twice, Almost Died from Cliff Jumping … kinda fun year.” 

Scott MacLennan: Got on the air and on the internet too.

Saroj Khadka:Got Married to my love Sadikshya Karki.

Image may contain: 3 people

Via Saroj Khadka

Asmita Sharma:“Completed first trek in Nepal at Poonhill with beautiful people.”

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, mountain, sky, nature and outdoor

Via Asmita Sharma

Rajes Khadka :Quit my job..Did Dubai Skydiving..Bike ride to Rara Lake..ABC Trek solo and Quality time with Mom.”

Madridista Dhruba:Had my first solo trek… Which I was wishing for so long.

Sabin Dawadi: Rediscovered myself, still in process of rejuvenation though, after 4 years long lackluster period.

Sharma Rishab: Did magic mushrooms.

Prakash Budha:  Managed to grow apple in my own garden.”

Image may contain: plant, tree, fruit, sky, outdoor, food and nature

Via Prakash Budha

Muskan Pudasainee: Did a Rolwaling Valley trek

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and nature

Via Muskan Pudasainee

Nishant Timalsina: Went to Rara.”

Image may contain: cloud, sky, mountain, outdoor and nature

Via Nishant Timalsina

Shreejana Bhattarai: Did canyoning… hoping to cut off more from the list coming year… for sure 2020 gonna be the wonderful year for me… oh yes, i forgot to mention i donated my hair to cancer patients as well.

Suman Pandit: Break up with favorite person who always motivate me, change my life because i am not good for her.” 

Niru Shrestha:“Bangkok tour with my 14 year old daughter… that was her first trip in her life.” 

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

Via Niru Shrestha

Made it to Everest base camp” –Sanjita Chuchudj Shrestha

Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and nature

Via Sanjita Chuchudj Shrestha

Got a Manager position at age of 22” –Bijay Brown

Had my first Baby.” –Kiran Bhandari

We initiated Trek & Treat Campaign starting with RARA-Khaptad trekking route where we carried out eye health camps to remote village of Khatyad, Mugu. Motivated with our first campaign we are now going for our second Trek & Treat Campaign at Jumla on April 2020.
Sakar Subedi

Aww! I almost felt like crying.  Thank you all beautiful souls for making this year memorable for us as well through those words and pics. Wishing you an amazing year ahead.

Much Love.

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My secret wish



Christmas is here and the celebrations are up and going.

Let’s make this festival mood more meaningful by expressing your heart out on wishes you would make if you were to meet Santa or the almighty God itself.

We all have our own insecurities, dreams and wishes, problems and challenges, and this kind of game will be a good excuse to lighten up self, and at the same time, let others know.

And hey! we are thinking of sharing the responses.  So, it’s definitely gonna be fun.

It’s an anonymous form, so feel free to be as true as you could.

Love you in advance, Strangers!

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