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Taking Nepalese to globe

We often get asked what we are up to, and we often smile and say gently that we are taking Nepalese to globe.



Nepal to us is a Hobbit land, a country of beautiful people, rich in culture and heritage, blessed by postcard-perfect landscapes and vibrant street life.  This country is so raw and natural that every nuts and bolts itself holds a story.  Every life, every incident and every event has its own unique story to awe and wonder others.  Unlike other developed countries and lives there, it’s chaotic and disarrayed and within that there are different spectrum of colors, making everything interesting and fascinating.  Struggles, hardships, resilience, and evolution within it has so much to teach and inspire others.

Despite all that, people from globe don’t get to hear much about lives and stuffs here.  They don’t get to see and learn much through words and lenses other than mountains and terrains.  And when we check sites like Bored Panda and other globally popular blogs and websites, stories and works that gets published through them, it fascinates us.  Likewise, when we check Medium and Quora and read lot from brains from other countries, we think about all the brilliant minds who express their views and knowledge in Kmag page.  These folks are no less smart.  Just that, something is missing cutting them off from the globe, cornering them within the political map.

So we took a challenge to take them to globe covering their life, their stories, their ideas and thoughts and their works and activities, sometimes through words, sometimes through photos and videos, and sometimes simply through their stories.  It’s possible in Internet.  As part of the mission, we have been collecting photos from our followers and publishing them through this website.  Likewise, we are collecting their views and ideas and publishing them through this website.  We plan to collect stories, their works and activities in similar fashion.

In this process, we shall gather enough stories, enough photos and videos, enough views to echo the internet, that those contents touch and move many bloggers, vloggers, international publishers, readers and audience; that lives and works from this part of the world be covered, talked and shared internationally — that we be part of global community, which we otherwise have been left out from.

We are confident that someday we will reach there.

If you are not from Nepal, but somehow have landed here on this page, Hello there, Welcome to our world.

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Oh! I miss India and I am visiting her soon

There is only one race, and that is human race; there is only one country and that is Earth.  Rests are all socially and politically constructed divisions.  I plan to unsee the divisions and walk the part of the Earth to connect with fellow humans and if possible, to connect them with other humans through this website and through our page.  



Image: Krishna Kant via Unsplash

I need a serious break.  In last 2 years, I haven’t taken any off, any vacation, or any break from work.  Just slogging my arse off and now body is screaming to take a break.  Out of many options, I am choosing India this time, because I miss her.  I truly do.

I had spent significant amount of my time there in India and then 2 years back, I packed my bag for Nepal, my home country, to take my entrepreneurial journey further.  In last 2 years, world has changed significantly and so my perception and my thought process.  In these 2 years, I have grown interest in culture, history, humanity, and my interest in youths have gone more deeper.  Anything and everything about humans fascinate me now.  In this process of growing up, I have been closely observing India, especially online activities of Indian youths and I could see Indian youths that I had never seen before during my stay there.  Those stand-up comedies, those start-up stories, those Tik-tok videos, and those short films in YouTubes and the audience — that says a lot about Indian youths today.

Actually, when I was in India, I was cognitively immature.  I would judge people based on many things and treat and deal accordingly, like a teen.  I would show no interest in culture or people other than my small comfort zone.  I regret that I wasted significant amount of my time on nothing but in shallowness.  I was in world’s largest democratic country and I put no effort to understand what does that mean sociopolitically.  I was in a land of Gandhi and Ambedkar that world would bow their head down with respects and I put no effort to learn more about them during my stay then.  I was in such a diverse country and I put no effort to observe unity in diversity in true sense.  I regret many things for missing out then.

Fast forward 2 years, and my mind has become more like that of a researcher.  This time, when I see a “Bihari guy,” I won’t see him as a Bihari guy, but as a human with its own distinct culture.   This time, when I see a temple or masjid or church, my eyes will try to read the carved arts on it.  In chaos, in crowd, in rush, this time I will be palpating economy and not run away from it like how I used to back then.  This time I will be smiling more often than laughing, be more excited than pissed off, be more compassionate than judgmental.  I will simply be a guy coming to India fascinated by India for everything it holds — as heard, as read, as learned — and understand humans in much broader sense, in much deeper level, and so their culture, so their society, so their country.

This time, when I see a “Bihari guy,” I won’t see him as a Bihari guy, but as a human with its own distinct culture.

So, YES! I am going to India on Oct 15 and the excitement and joy is as real as guilt-filled heart getting a second chance.  This time, I have chosen train over air because that’s where India begins.  I can’t wait to experience again  those 3 days of train journey, and how total strangers become a family sharing sandal to snacks, and even stories.  Starting from organised chaos of Gorakhpur, I will be travelling down to south passing by major cities of different states, observing, understanding, learning and unlearning many things in between.  And then finally, I will be reaching to Bangalore, where the walk will begin towards the second chance.  Let’s see which all cities and places I will step from there.

To be honest, this time I am going more like a backpacker with no certainty on where to stay but I am taking a chance anyway because light will guide when your heart is pure, people will guard when your interest is to learn.  

Best thing I have realized over time is that there is only one race, and that is human race; there is only one country and that is Earth.  Rests are all socially and politically constructed divisions.  I plan to unsee the divisions and walk the part of the Earth to connect with fellow humans and if possible, to connect them with other humans through this website and through our page.

Thus, I am marking this trip as life-changing trip and also a breakthrough chapter of my entrepreneurial journey.  Every people I meet and their stories; every place I visit and its history; every situation I get exposed to and everything that I would learn, I plan to turn them all into contents and share them through this website.  So, keep checking out this website every now and then and walk the road with me through my words, see the India with me through your screens.  It should be fun.  Let’s see what future holds.

Hello India, I miss you and I am visiting you soon.  Wish me all the best.

NOTE:  If you are currently in India and want to get connected with me during my stay there, or lend any kind of support or simply want to be part of this journey, please feel free to write me showing your interest by mailing me at [email protected]

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Mahara scandal and national opportunity

This time if opportunity is missed to be grabbed, no one can save this country from anarchism and mob justice, nor believers of democracy and rule of law will have a courage anymore to advocate for. 



But if the laws are to be so trampled upon with impunity, and a minority is to dictate to the majority, there is an end put at one stroke to republican government, and nothing but anarchy and confusion is to be expected thereafter.

— George Washington

While writing this piece, Krishna Bahadar Mahara, an alleged sex-offender, has stepped down from his position as Speaker of House of Representatives.  Nepal police has begun the initial step towards investigating the rape allegation.  NCP high command have asked Mr. Mahara to quit from both the position he holds, Speaker and Parliamentarian.  However, he only has resigned, conditionally, from speaker position and yet to see what he gonna do with his parliamentarian position.   Apparently, NCP is pressing him to quit from the latter as well, and hope he will do that. soon

Despite all that, social media users are not really that confident and that’s because most people don’t have much faith in the system and institution of “New Nepal.”  They strongly believe that impunity in this country is real and like always, he too will be garlanded with clean chit after sometime.  They think the victim will be manipulated either by offering lucrative offers or by threatening to retract from her earlier statement.  They see propaganda coming labeling her as crazy, bitchy, characterless, and every adjective possible to make Mr. Mahara look clean and innocent and victim.  Basically, people don’t have a faith in the system.  All the proofs and witnesses, they believe, can be tampered by police and investigator to favor those in power.  Why there is rise of anarchism, mob justice, media trial and many other practices in Nepal which only is shaking the very foundation of democracy that includes rule of law, separation of power, etc.

But this time, Mahara case is less dodgy and more apparent, making it hard for him to enjoy the impunity.  He clearly has crossed his line and gone too far, leaving too many evidences and proofs, that would be enough to question his moral, integrity, intention, strengthening the allegation itself.  He clearly has no way out but to get punished if all those allegations and proofs and evidence come true.  Nonetheless, he is a key political figure with long history of exercising political power and influence.  He probably has his “best men: in police to pay back him the favor.  He probably has friends inside and outside the country to speak for him for another chance.  Not just that, but man of his level definitely has many confidential information that could go against his party and political counterparts that he may use as bargain chips.

Amidst all, there is an opportunity for everyone – for media, for police, for government and for communist party itself – to gain the trust of people and restore the belief that New Nepal is a country of principle, country of rule of law.  It’s an opportunity to show the world that our investigative body and committee is as autonomous and functioning like FBI or CIA.  It’s an opportunity for Nepal Police to tel the fellow citizens that despite failing in few cases like Niramala, Nepal Police does its work diligently.  It’s an opportunity for judiciary to reclaim the “blind lady for justice.”  It’s an opportunity even for opposition to stand firm against impunity and stand by victims and voices which otherwise would be ignored by those in power.  Likewise, it’s an opportunity for every individual of this country to remain calm and patient and watch the due process and let the authorities do their job.  All in all, it’s an opportunity for everyone to strengthen the foundation and democratic fabric standing on which we dream to build a new modern Nepal.

This time if opportunity is missed to be grabbed, no one can save this country from anarchism and mob justice, nor believers of democracy and rule of law will have a courage anymore to advocate for.  We all will have no option but to see the foundation of our democracy and liberty crumbling into pieces, burning in fire, because those in power, those in uniform had no guts, had no needed integrity and principle to do their job setting an example for rests.

It’s an opportunity to restore the lost faith in the system.  May this opportunity be grabbed tightly.

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Making sense of Nepal through my own dressing sense

Importance of education and awareness among people before imposing new thoughts and ideas and concepts.




It’s a festival mood in Nepal, with its two major festivals, Dashain and Tihar, around the corner.  This is the time when most Nepalese spend their money on clothes and foods and accessories.  In this vibe, we thought of creating contents related to clothing and accessories so that we could turn this festive season to an opportunity of creating informed consumer.

To begin with, we started digging in internet to do research on types of clothes and accessories.  In this process, I got to learn so many things, like history of jeans, types of shoes, how each cloth or shoes has its own story and meaning, and what is for what.

Like this one for example

I learned that these are two different shoes, one being Derby and another being Oxford.  I have both in my collection and all this time, I had only one name for them, “Formal Shoes.”  I never knew until now that both of my shoes have different name and meaning behind.  I only realized today that one of my shoes has closed lacing and another has open lacing, making one a Derby and another Oxford.

Here, I paused for a while and thought of every cloth or shoes or accessories I owe.  I picked them because I liked them.  When I purchased those items, all I cared about is if is suiting me or not.  Most of the times, I didn’t even know proper name of those items and rather have broad generalized name like, “party shoes,” “formal shoes,” “casual pants,” watch, etc.  Basically, all this time, I have been quite ignorant on what I wear and what I buy, going only with primitive instinct of feel.

That explains everything about being a Nepali.

Think this way.   There is an island where tribes are living with their own dresses and cultures with no contact to outside world.  One day, some outsiders dropped heaves of clothes and shoes and accessories to the island.  Every tribe picked whatever suits them or comforts them, without knowing what is for what.   Now, there is bizarre dressing sense.  Some tribes wearing suits with sport shoes.  Some wearing tie like a rope.  Formal shirts being untucked.   This and that.  All the rules and etiquette being broken.  To the tribes, they think they all are doing it right.  To outsiders, it looks like a freak show — messed up and wild and bizarre.

Replace the clothes with political theory, different philosophies, concepts and ideas that were born in some other countries and continents and got imported to this island of ours, Nepal.  Situation is no different.  People living in the island thinks they are doing it right.  They have their own reasoning and logic.  They are picking and implementing concepts and ideas and theories per their own understanding and comfort.  Be it constitution, inclusiveness, secularism, gender equality, rule of law, anything you name.  Those wonderful philosophies, theories, and concepts and ideas have their own purpose, meaning, and objective; they have their own history and stories behind.  But the tribal people, they know nothing about and they going with their own comfort and interpretation.

Why its very important to educate a tribe on what they are gong to be introduced to before actually importing and flooding their system.  For the mess and freak show, people are not to be blamed.  If someone to be blamed, then that will be the traders who were desperate to import but hold no responsibility to teach and inform.

Thankfully, I am a tribe with Internet.  I should not blame anyone for my ignorance.

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