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About Nepal Sambat in brief



Nepal Sambat (नेपालसम्बत) is a lunar calendar and the official calendar of Nepal for over 1000 years. Nepal Sambat is almost identical to and is a variant of “Saka Sambat”, a Hindu calendar, but the main difference is that Nepal Sambat lags Saka Sambat by 802 years.

Nepal Sambat consists of 354 days per year due to the fact that a lunar month has 29 or 30 days based on the movement of the moon. So it necessary that an “adhik mas”, an extra month, every third year (Just like what we had this past year). This calendar came into official use during the reign of Thaku-Juju (Thakuri) King Raghav Deva since October 880 A.D.

According to a popular legend, there used to be a learned person in Bhaktapur who ordered porters to get sand from Lakhu Tirtha, junction near Vishnumati river in Kathmandu because he knew that the sand would turn into a heap of gold the next day. Shankhadhar Sakhwaa who is described in later chronicles as a Shudra (lower-caste) merchant came to know about it, and he enticed the porters to leave the sand in his place. The next day, the sand turned into gold. Then, with the permission of the king, he paid off the existing debt of all the people in the Kathmandu Valley. So from that day, people started celebrating it as their New Year to commemorate their happiness and new found freedom.

This calendar was the national calendar of Nepal Valley in Thaku-Juju (Thakuri), Varman, Malla and early Shah eras. It was replaced by Bikram Sambat as the national calendar in the Rana era. However, the calendar is still in use because most of Nepal’s Hindu festivals are celebrated according to this calendar which utilises “tithi” as opposed to Bikram Sambat’s “miti” or Gregorian calendar’s “tarikh”. The government of Nepal re-recognised the Nepal Sambat as the national calendar in 2007 A.D./1128 N.S. As a result of which most of the Nepalese national newspaper have employed this calendar together with the Gregorian calendar and the Bikram Sambat.



Dhanyavaad – Sabin Rai & The Pharaoh



Sabin Rai and The Pharaoh

About the song “Dhanyavaad”

Dhanyavaad is a song by Nepali pop rock band ‘Sabin Rai and The Pharaoh’ from their debut studio album of the same name Dhanyavaad. The track was released on March 27, 2019 from their official YouTube channel.

About band/singer

Sabin Rai & The Pharaoh is a Nepali pop rock band founded by Nepali singer-songwriter Sabin Rai and the members in 2011. The band comprises Sabin Rai (Vocals), Binod Lama Tamang (Drums), Nikesh Katwal (Guitars), John Shrestha (Guitars) and Jeevan Lama (Bass). The band released their debut studio album Dhanyavaad in June 2019.


Dhanyabaad malai maya gari diyekoma
Dhanyabaad mero sahara bani diyekoma
Dhanyabaad mero mayalu bani timi
Dhanyabaad jiwanma aai diyekoma

Sadhai bhari timilai yesai gari
Ma pani tettinai maya garchhu timilai
Sachi ho garchhu timilai

Dhanyabaad malai timro samjhi diyekoma
Dhanyabaad mero zindagi badlidiyekoma
Dhanyabaad mero sabai bhanda milne sathi
Dhanyabaad banera aai diyekoma

Timi batai suru timi mai antya
Mero yo kahani maya nabhuli dinu
Sachi ho nabhuli dinu

Dhanyabaad malai lakhauma roji diyekoma
Dhanyabaad mero bharosa bani diyekoma
Dhanyabaad mero kami kamjori harulai
Dhanyabaad angali saath diyekoma

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Love and Relationship

What did you learn from previous relationships?



As humans, we are naturally built to crave connection. We want to love and be loved. No wonder, relationships occupy a major part in our lives. But “Happily Ever Afters” do take a lot of time, dedication and effort. Not every one of us are blessed enough to marry our first love. We go through lessons after lessons until we find the right one. But most of them are painful. Can’t we skip them?

Below are the few similar lessons from Quora that people shared from their own personal experiences. I hope these lessons save you from years of heartaches.

You learn self-love.

It is a well known fact that you can only pour out what you have. If you lack love yourself, how are you supposed to give it to another person? Self love is a basic foundation in any relationship. When you respect and value yourself, you can give the same to your partner. Lack of self love leads to low self esteem, which will slowly eat away your relationship.

Andrew Ferebee wrote,

In several relationships, I would begin prioritizing my partner so heavily that I would stop taking care of myself.  Look, you won’t be able to be the man or woman they need if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Eat well, get plenty of sleep, go to the gym, prioritize alone time and realize that all of these activities will make you a better partner… Not a selfish partner.” He continues- “Simply put, without self-love, there can be no love for others. You’ll constantly be using others to gain validation and approval instead of giving yourself validation and approval and then inviting others on the journey with you.

And honestly, I think this lesson needs to be heard by all.

Communication is the key.

Admit it, no matter how well people claim to know each other, people can’t read minds. And that’s the most important reason why you should always communicate whatever you’re feeling. Silence isn’t always golden, is it? Ankit Verma writes,”Only those relationships work where there is equality, maturity and active vocal communication about the problems, from both sides.”  Yes indeed. When you are vocal about your needs and problems, you can sit and fix things like how it should actually be done.

Another thing that you should know is, ” People speak different languages of love“- as Kwasi Baako states. Most of the time, the reason that your relationship isn’t working out is because your language of love doesn’t match with that of your partners. When this happens, s/he may not feel loved despite your best efforts. In such case, the first thing you should do is communicate with each other and solve the misunderstanding.

Keep your dignity- Learn to let Go.

When a relationship ends for the first time, it feels so devastating that you try to hold on – especially when the breakup is coming from the other person. Your mind will play a thousand tricks on you, because it loves the feeling of familiarity. When such a situation arise, know that it’s the time when life is testing you. You clinging to a person who deliberately chose to walk away, is only going to give them an ego boost and nothing more. Don’t give in- trust me, you are only extending your heart break.

Kwasi Baako writes- “NEVER EVER GO BACK TO PEOPLE WHO WALK AWAY FROM YOU — it’s a waste of your time , your energy and the highest form of disrespect to you,”

And yes, that is the truth, no matter how bitter it sounds.

You gotta be independent.

Udita Pal talks about three types of independence that everyone should learn- Financial Independence, Emotional Independence and Social Independence. I don’t even have to explain much because she made it so clear herself.

In her own words-

There are three kinds of independence I’m talking about.

Financial independence: It doesn’t matter who earns more or less; you need to be at a place where your partner or not you can manage your lifestyle. It would be best if you want a partner, not an ATM.

Emotional Independence: A lot of people go through depression immediately after the breakup, which is normal but you need to understand you are more than someone’s partner and relationship or not -you are still going to exist.

Social Independence: You need to have friends outside the relationship and for sure out of the mutual circle, you need people around you to continually remind you that you have someone other than one person looking out for you. And most importantly, never ignore your parents and close ones for your partner.

Say yes to healthy boundaries.

Andrew Ferebee says,” You need to know what you will and will not tolerate in a relationship and have the guts to actually enforce that.”

Basically, establish healthy boundaries, communicate them and maintain them. You have to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy compromises in a relationship. When you compromise thinking they would change in the future, you are only sowing unresolved conflicts that will show up one day or the other. If you aren’t happy with your partners’ habit in the beginning, chances are you won’t be happy with it five years down the lane.

In the end,

These are only a few among the hundreds of lessons that people shared on Quora. You can definitely check it if you want to read more. But remember, failed relationships never means that you failed your whole life.

Yes I do understand that it may have been a good relationship. But my darlings, good relationships doesn’t necessarily have to be right ones for you !!!




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Joker: Is it joking around tender minds?



Joker: The movie

It’s not a movie review, and there is no point in reviewing a movie after months of its release. The movie was put on a back burner due to some policies that were formulated to promote the market of Nepalese movies, eventually irking Joker fans, but it soon saw the light of the day, which made Jokerians heave a shy of relief, as they could witness the long awaited movie in the silver screen.

With its release, it really proved why it was the most anticipated movie, not just in Nepal, but all over the world, as people thronged the theaters, and came out ‘putting on a happy face’, just like what the Joker had ordered.

Not aware of what or who Joker is, it took me almost three weeks to grab my attention as most of the movie lovers were talking about the movie. Also, slowly and steadily mainstream media started publishing reviews, not as late as me, but not as early as two weeks though.

Even my mid-teen aged nephews watched the movie, and with their due recommendation, I was off as they promised that the movie has nothing to do with earlier franchises where Joker was portrayed, and I can treat it as an individual plot.

I wanted to kill two birds with a stone, as I wanted to experience newly opened Eyeplex Mall’s One Cinemas as secondary, and watching movie was the primary. As I approached to buy tickets from its webpage, it didn’t let me go further until I acknowledged my age to be 18+. Though running in my mid-thirties, I just made sure my ID was intact, if they wanted to verify. I would have felt really good and young, had they asked for my ID, but theater staff neither did it to me nor to the folks looked in tender age queuing for their turn to get in. So, the age verification proved to be just a mere formality, if not in other countries, but definitely in Nepal for sure.

I was into the cosmopolitan theater. To my surprise, I missed the opening scene, though I was just only seven minutes shy of the mentioned starting time of 12:15. Usually in QFX Cinemas, the movies do not start even after 15 minutes of the assigned time, but the theater really made me pay for the price of opening scene for not being punctual.

Having travelled so many countries, for the first time in my life, I saw the theater with full-lean seats upfront. Those were not my assigned seats, so as rushed toward my seat located at the rear end. On the way facing back to the screen, I could hear the perpetual laughing of Joaquin Phoenix— the Joker. Soon, I sat nice and firm and concentrated on the screen, he was still bursting in laughter. I was not sure what he was up to. I felt bad for missing good seven minutes of start, something to heed on for the next endeavor at One Cinemas.

Done and dusted with movie, and I returned home wearing happy face. When I checked the reviews and rating of the movie in web portals, despite some negativity, it was showing the staggering 9+/10 in an average. Keeping this facet in mind, I thought of not reviewing the movie, but thought of analyzing it in terms of Nepalese context.

The Joker—not sure whether to call him, protagonist or antagonist, inspires people to wear happy faces, no matter what. Analyzing the plot, his so called happy face came with a big price, blood of so many people. Can someone wear a happy face, by killing people—no matter, it is for good or bad?

I think 90% of the screen time, Joker was shown smoking, which obviously made him look cool, but at many instances, I find those scenes surreal. When I asked my mid-teen aged nephew about that, and the killings, they said that the unnamed city happened to be a Gotham city where crime was rampant at that time, so people could do whatever they liked. When I studied cinematic arts from the land of Hollywood industry, I was taught that for a good movie, it should follow verisimilitude that means ‘Very Similar’, so when you are watching the movie you can relate it to your real life existence.

In this case, even if i were a chain smoker, I could never think of smoking inside an ICU room of a hospital with mounted smoke alarms, and don’t think I could be able to make a grand entry in a live show of a national television with cigarettes sandwiched between lips. Also, police and moles were shown so feeble, could not even nab a person suffering from schizophrenia, with full access of his location.

There must be some reasons why it is restricted to people less than 18 years of age. Not sure, but this movie has shown smoking as cool behavior, and it really doesn’t matter in western countries as smoking is not a taboo, but in case of Nepal, I think underage might give it a first shot to smoking after watching this movie— as they might not analyze this glitterati with given access to the theatre with ease.

“Smoking kills more than 7 million people ever year”, the sign was hardly off from the lower left of the screen. These types of movies will not help to dwindle down this number for sure. Anyways why one care as tobacco contributes to one of the biggest amount of revenues in most of the countries—America in particular and Nepal is not too behind.

I felt that I absolutely understood the movie, which is about the widening gap between rich and poor that engulfed revolt and ultimately led to mass killings. The fire got fuel when Joker killed four notorious aristocrats in a subway, and all the suppresser got united and donned or painted clown face to show the solidarity.

At times, killing was shown to be so easy, giving a false belief that if you own a gun, you are a superhero. With the upsurging hate crime due to liberal gun law in the USA, and with already an incident taken place in 2012 in Colorado, I think the movie can add more bad than good. However, I think in Nepal it should not make a big difference, because there isn’t any provision to keep guns. Nevertheless, this Tihar, don’t get surprised with the Jokerian fans if they mock shooting at each other with the toy firecracker revolvers.

When I was discussing about these factors to my nephews, they told me so many things about the movie I was unaware of. They told me that the little son of the mayor is the soon-to-be Batman. The affair of Joker with his apartment mate lady was just an illusion as he was just imagining the romance with her even the elongated lip lock scene was a hoax. Boyy!! I thought it was real.

There is not doubt any technical aspects of the movie; it’s simply phenomenal—kudos to Todd Phillip for his amazing directorial extravaganza. Aspiring young directors can take a leaf out of the movie’s book to learn many aspects. The lightning part is balanced in a way to give a realistic touch. The theme of the movie is dark, and it’s is portrayed dark, however, viewers can see each and every details with naturalistic feel. The last scene where mayor and wife were shot dead, on the background, rodents scurrying for cover can be seen vividly. The Oscar award for the best male lead goes to— I won’t be surprised if it goes to Mr. Phoenix. I can’t imagine how would this actor be in real. He has just created a mindset on me, that he still laughs when disturbed. I am little skeptical about the movie winning awards galore though.

With other movies on the heels pushing their ways to get in, Joker will be completely wiped out from the theaters in a week or two. I don’t mind people watching it, as I too got my investment’s worth. I learned more positives than negatives from the movie. If your underage kids have watched it, do talk to them, and get their perception, and suggest remedies, if you think to do so.

“Wish you all a very very happy and prosperous Tihar and Chhatt.”

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