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FAQ: Nepol Gift Card



If you are already aware about the card and its utility, and need no introduction, you can simply CLICK HERE TO APPLY, for the card.

What is Nepol?

Nepol is a gifting brand of Kaagmandu Magazine, where POL in Nepol stands for parcel of love — Nepol, the parcel of love from Nepal.  In order to be less reliant on advertisers to fund our media and keep doing what we intent to do in creating an informed society, and to promote local businesses and their products/services, we have come up with this sister organisation of ours which will be working on products and services related to gifts, cakes, accessories, apparel, and many more.  We can check them out in our SHOP TO SUPPORT section

What is Nepol Gift Card?

Once in a while, you all buy a cake, right?
Once in a while, you all gift somebody something, right?
Once in a while, you all treat yourself, right?
Every now and then, there are festivals and you would like to buy something for home, right?

Nepol Gift Card is basically a card, that let you buy anything mentioned above through us without wondering or worrying about anything.

When you need a cake, just call us.
When you need gifts, just call us.
Looking for apparel and accessories? just call us.

It’s a key to our store and networks, that we have entrusted upon, to ease and facilitate your everyday life.

Why should I get it?

  1.  First and foremost, your spending through us will help us carrying out our mission of creating an informed society — something you can always be proud of and feel good about.
  2.  We are high in integrity and honesty, which also means every product on sale and every partner we have are something/someone you can blindly trust on.  This level of confidence and comfort, you cannot get anywhere else.
  3.  Holding the card makes you special and privileged and brings you closer to us and you should never ever feel like “I have no body in this world.
  4.  We will save your money by either giving you some discounts or adding values in every purchase.
  5.  Unlike other cards, it’s transferable, which means this card can be used by anyone you let to use and still enjoy the benefits.
  6.  Last but not the least, it will make your life way easier.

How much do I need to pay for the card?

This card is like an ATM card with minimum balance of Rs. 1000.  So, technically speaking, you don’t really need to pay anything for the card, but to open the account, you must have to pay Rs. 1000, which you can redeem in your future purchase.

Cool, I am interested.  How to apply?

It’s very simple process.  You just need to fill up the form HERE, and you will get a call from us and boom! you have your card ready to deliver.

I am not from Kathmandu. Can I still apply?

Sure buddy.  Even if you are from abroad, you can apply and we will get it delivered at your doorstep.


Hope, it’s all clear and you are left with no confusion.  If you still have any, you can always call us at 9841-493770 (Viber or regular call) to clear out your doubts and confusions.  Regardless, we always love you.  Thank you for your time and interest.


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Kmag Wall Magazine



After years of relentlessly spreading our thoughts and ideas through social media in an attempt to create a collective consciousness, and to establish progressive values and views in society, we now have attempted to reach out people beyond social media through wall magazine.  So far, we have dozens of subscribers who have subscribed to our wall magazine.

What is wall magazine?

Wall-magazine is basically a set of posters in frames, beautiful designed, enriched with informative and valuable contents, along with fun and arts.  Since it’s a wall magazine, those posters get replaced every month with new set of posters.

What kind of contents does the posters contain?

There are different contents designed per nature of subscriber’s business.  We have basically classified nature of business into the following:
1.  Cafe/Restaurant.
2.  Hotel/Tourism related.
3.  Office/Workspace.
4.  School/Colleges/Hostels.
5.  Hospitals/Health care related.

Based on the nature of your business, we design and deliver wall magazine to you.

How many posters in a lot?

There will be 10 new posters in every lot.

How does it work?

When you show interest to subscribe to our wall magazine, we come to visit your place to check the place and decide the placement of frames.  After you pay the subscription fee, we will fix the frames and send you the first lot of 10 posters.  From next month onward, we come to your place every month and change the posters with new ones.

How much does it cost?

There are two options available for you.

  1.  Multi-wall.
  2.  Single wall.

Multi-wall is 12 x 18 frames and suitable option for subscriber with bigger space.
Single-wall is A4 frames with one large 12 x 18 frames, suitable for subscriber with smaller space.

Multi-wall will cost you Rs. 500 per month and single wall will cost you Rs. 300 per month.  You can opt for annual subscription at Rs. 5000, or 6-month subscription at Rs. 3000, or 3-month subscription at Rs. 1500.  Similarly, single-wall will be at the rate of Rs. 3500, 1800, and 900 respectively.

How about the frames?

You don’t have to pay for the frames, but as a security deposit, you need to pay Rs. 300 per frame, which will be refundable at the time of termination of the subscription.

Can I add more posters and frames?

Yes you can if your space allows you.  You just need to pay Rs. 50 per extra poster and security deposit of Rs. 300 per extra frames.

Why should I subscribe for the wall magazine?

A.  Because in just Rs. 500, you get awesome posters every month and that will add decor to your place.
B.  Because you can communicate to your customers or team or friends or visitors through those wall magazines, as it speaks your thoughts and minds.
C.  Because whoever gonna see those posters on your walls gonna definitely appreciate you and respect you more, as they too will feel good by reading those words of wisdom and knowledge.
D.  Last but not the least, you will be provided promotional opportunities in Kmag.

In summary

Wall magazine is a great and innovative way of adding decorum to your cafe, restaurant, office, school, college, hostels, hospitals or even your home, through colorful and beautifully designed posters that consists of arts and literature, photography, inspirational/motivational quotes, facts and figures, thoughts and ideas, and much more, that matter to you and people you care about.  It’s a monthly magazine at just Rs. 500 per month.

If this sounds a great deal, call us at 9841-493770 and we will arrange a meeting to explain you more in detail.  Trust us, you will love it.  


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Smart Chhori Program To Promote Digital And Financial Literacy Among Girls and Young Women In Nepal



Call for participation from 10,000 girls and young women from across the nation

Khalti, a digital payment platform in Nepal has announced the launch of a special ‘Smart Chhori’ program. The program is aimed at empowering girls and young women in Nepal through financial knowledge and skills. As part of this initiative, 10,000 adolescent girls and women from across the nation will be trained on financial and digital literacy who will later emerge as influencers in their communities.

Nepal has a high female unemployment rate and lacking digital skills has become one of the barriers for women and girls in enhancing their career. Still today, a lot of financial decisions are taken by the male members of the family and lots of women still struggle to use smartphones and handle basic finances. Smart Chhori program is launched with an aim to encourage women and girls into digital finance and help them to be ready for what’s there to come in this rapidly advancing digital world.

Smart Chhori program is a free e-learning platform inside Khalti Digital Wallet app where girls can learn about the basics of digital payments, online security and personal finance. Girls and young women from age group 15-35 years having a smartphone and access to internet can enroll in the program.

Through this program, Khati aims to equip young Nepali girls with the knowledge, skills, and attitude which can change their lives by helping them become independent, establish good financial habits, discuss saving, budgeting, and expenses with family members and improve their future prospect for decent work opportunities.

Announcing the launch, Amit Agrawal, Director of Khalti and Coordinator of Smart Chhori program says,

‘Digital Nepal’ and ‘Smart City’ have become buzzwords recently. However, physical infrastructures alone are not sufficient to turn this dream into reality. Digitally literate population and public participation is very essential.

“And, talking about public participation, we shouldn’t forget the role of females who comprise 51% of Nepal’s population. Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) have been playing a significant role to promote health care in villages across Nepal. We can mobilize our daughters in a similar way as the agents of change to promote digital literacy and simplify lives of people with the use of internet technology.

“Smart Chhori program is launched with an aim to prepare female workforce to change Nepal into a Digital and Smart Nepal. We request all interested girls to enroll in Smart Chhori program and be Smart Role Models in their communities.”

By enrolling in this program, adolescent girls and young women can grow their digital and financial skills and leverage smartphones and internet to make an impact in the lives of people in their communities.

How to join the Smart Chhori program?

Interested girls and young women aged 15-35 years can join the training program by clicking on Smart Chhori banner on the home screen of Khalti app (available both in iOS and Android platforms). This e-learning platform is available for female users only.

To download Khalti app:

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The new age, affordable, home automation solution



kә’nekt hōm is the new age, affordable, home automation solution particularly designed for Nepaland Nepalis. kә’nekt hōm is built over a robust technology designed and developed in Nepal which has been available to the general public starting from the opening ceremony of CAN Infotech 2019. kә’nekt hōm is undoubtedly the most affordable home automation solution available in Nepal till date.

There is a myth behind IoT (Internet of Things) and Home Automation that it is expensive and is a privilege centered to tech savvy people. We, at VZeal Technologies, beg to differ. Our solution is not only affordable but is particularly designed and developed to serve the peculiar needs of Nepal.

Our solution is targeted to make life easier and simpler for people of all ages; be it your kid or grandparents. Our simple, easy to use and intuitive user interface not only enables you to remotely switch “on” and “off” your lights and appliances, it lets you schedule repetitive tasks like turning on the porch light as sun sets and turning it off when the sun rises; lets you keep track of your power usages; keeps your home safe through use of human sensor, motion sensor, door/window sensor, etc. Try it and we guarantee, you will fall in love with kә’nekt hōm.


• Designed by Nepali company to fulfill Nepali needs. “नेपालमै *या– smart home


• 256 Bit Encrypted secured solution;

• Cheapest Home Automation Solution in Nepal;

• Hassle free solution with no question asked on-site replacement GUARANTEE;

• Works with your existing wiring, switches, and sockets;

• Automate any electrical appliance, any IR or RF remote, schedule ON/OFF timing, and

freedom to control your home from anywhere in the planet;


To know more about the product, please contact us
[email protected] 

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