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Almost everyone of us are educated but when it comes to skills that’s needed to excel in life and career, most of us lack that. Blame to our education or economy or overall upbringing. That’s the bitter fact we live in. Considering the needs and significance, we have come up with skill-based workshop to help Nepalese youths in acquiring career-enhancing skills.



Hello there,

It was your wise decision to land up on this page because we are in a mission of training 10,000 Nepalese youth on various skills by 2020. that is needed for their career growth but they lack, and it should be a great opportunity for you to be part of our mission.

About Us

Intellectual Theater is a sister wing of Kaagmandu Magazine, that deals with events and workshops.  Realizing that most of educated Nepalese lack basic skills and only few options available for them, we came up with an idea of organizing workshops on various skills of broad range, at a very affordable pricing at just Rs. 2000 (i.e. 20 dollars).

What skills do we provide

For now, we are conducting workshops on following skills:

  1.  Photoshop
  2.  Illustrator
  3.  Wordpress
  4.  Excel
  5.  Video editing
  6.  Writing
  7.  Doing business
  8.  Public speaking
  9. Photography
  10. Digital Marketing.

You can, however, show your interest on some other skill that you want to acquire and we can come up with your desired workshop.

What about Timing

We conduct workshop in three different timings:

  1.  Morning
  2.  Afternoon
  3.  Evening

You can opt for the timing that’s suitable for you.

What about location

Workshop happens at our office space itself, which is located at Prayag Marg, New Baneshwor.

Duration of workshop

Most of our workshops are of 6-day long workshop.

How much is the Fee

Most of our workshops are in very reasonable pricing, that is NRS 2000 per workshop for 6-day long.

Can I Sponsor for others

Sure.  That will be great.  Your small contributions can make a difference by helping Nepalese youth gain the skills.

How do I start

It’s very simple.  Just fill up the form HERE.  Once we receive your application, we will contact you, and you are all set to go.

If you have any other question, feel free to call us at 9841493770 or email your queries to [email protected]

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Kmag Reader’s Card: All you need to know



Kmag has recently introduced Reader’s Card for its community.  This article tells you what it is all about and why you should get one.

Through our years’ of dedication and perseverance, we have managed to bring together like-minded people with shared values, shared hunger for knowledge, and shared goal of becoming better everyday.  These very same people are also the reason behind our mission of “uniting and connecting progressive minds.”  It has been great years so far with these amazing and beautiful minds and souls, exchanging knowledge, sharing infos, discussing and debating and sometimes fighting together against common threats.

Now, we felt it’s time to get more real, by getting an inch closer outside the virtual world.  THUS, THE READER’S CARD WAS BORN.

What is Reader’s Card?

Reader’s Card is a card issued by Kmag for its followers, who Kmag deems as someone with shared values, shared interest, and shared hunger for knowledge and desires to get better everyday.  The card serves the following purposes:

It’s a subscription card:

Reader’s Card holder will get regular newsletter from us on interesting news, knowledge and infos that should matter to them.  The card holder will also get e-magazine that we are launching soon exclusively only for Reader’s Card holders.  Apart from all that, card holders can have access to our libraries to lend books and papers from our collections.   In short, Reader’s Card will serve and fulfill your reading appetite at best it could.

It’s a discount card:

Reader’s Card will also act as discount card on every event and workshop we conduct, and all products and services  we sale.  Not only that but it will also act as a discount card for any purchase made from our partners.

It’s a privilege card:

As said above, holding the Reader’s Card means the card holder has been deemed worthy by us, and that makes the holder naturally a privileged one.  Being privileged means, you are the first to be notified, first to be served; you are to be taken care with utmost diligence in all aspects of our business and activities.  Also, owning the card gives you an access to our community of privileged ones that you can explore for your personal and professional development.

It’s a prepaid card:

You can use the card as a wallet where you have certain balance in case of emergency that you can use against any transaction or business within our business networks.

Why are we doing this?

As said above, it’s to connect and bring like-minded people together and serve their intellectual needs along with other needs that we can from our side and eventually build a community where together we can grow, thrive, and prosper like one big family, not just for few years but many decades from now.

Other than that:

Proof of Trust

Anyone can fool any body on Internet, but not so when has voluntarily given personal infos, shown a desire to be part of the community; pays for the card and receives the card at provided address.  Our ultimate goal is to create a community where everyone can trust everybody.  Reader’s Card is the practical path towards that.

Fund raising

We have been taking different approaches to raise funds to support our content development projects along with webs and app development which are to eventually take us closer to our missions.  We believe sales of Reader’s Card and transaction thereafter will add some bricks onto it.

Why should you buy this card

  1.  Because you love Kmag and you are proud to associate with.
  2.  Because you want to support Kmag in achieving its vision and missions.
  3.  Because you enjoy receiving informative and educational contents every now and then to develop and grow yourself intellectually.
  4.  Because you like to be part of a community that contains people of your type and taste.
  5.  Because it’s fun to feel special with discounts and special offers.


NRS 500 only (Five Hundred Nepalese Rupees).

I want to buy one.  How to get it?

Just show your interest by filling up the form AVAILABLE HERE.  We will review your application and if deemed deserving, you will get a call from us to proceed further.  So, just CLICK HERE and fill up the form.

Thank you for your time.  If you have any question or inquiry, comment below or write us at [email protected]

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Vaccancy: Interviewer



Roles & Responsibilities:

  1.  Go to different people and places to collect stories and informations in accordance with instructions provided by editor:  We plan to research and survey on different issues and trends.  We also plan to collect views and opinions of people on different topics and news.  Likewise, we plan to collect stories of people from different walks of life.  Interviewers will be given a task to reach out to these individuals, both online and offline, and collect stories and informations in accordance with instructions provided by editor.
  2. Interview public figures and organisational leaders:  We plan to interview business leaders, political and social leaders, celebrities, public figures, and many such individuals. Interviewer’s job is to conduct and schedule such interviews.  His/her job is also to work closely with editors in setting up questionnaires and formats.
  3. Verify information provided by interviewees.  Also, identify and resolve inconsistencies in interviewees’ responses by means of appropriate questioning and/or explanation:  Interviewer’s job will also demand intelligence to keenly observe interviewees to notice any kind of fabrication, misinformation, or inconsistencies and should know to think and ask appropriate question and explanation per the situation.
  4. Compile, record and code results and data from interview or survey, using computer or specified form:  Once interview/survey is conducted, interviewer’s job is to compile, record and code results and data from the interview or survey in professional way and hand it over to editor.  It’s also the interviewer’s job responsibility to review the data for completeness and accuracy.
  5.  Design and conceptualise interviews and surveys:  Though this task is primarily taken care by creative team, interviewer as well will require to present his/her idea and plan for future interviews and surveys per organisational goals and needs.

Requirements and qualifications:

  1.  Outgoing personality with research skills.
  2. Critical thinker and problem-solving skills.
  3. Team player.
  4.  Can carry organisational culture.
  5. Good time-management skills.
  6. Great interpersonal and communication skills.
  7. High emotional intelligence.
  8. Up to date with trends and news.
  9. Can work on targets.
  10. Good reporting and documentation skills.
  11.  Academic qualification:  Should have sound theoretical knowledge on media and journalism along with scientific method of conducting research and interviews.
  12.  Experience:  Should have prior experience of conducting/hosting interviews, programs, or research/surveys.  Or, should have prior experience of working in community level.


If you are the one we are looking for, you will get the salary you are looking for.

Office Location and Timing

We are located at Prayag Margh, New Baneshwor.  Since the job requires frequent field visit, location should not be of concern.  Moreover, you have the freedom to work from home, as long as you are able to deliver the work per the set targets.  There is no as such strict shift for interviewer but should be flexible enough to work on-call.

How to Apply:

Deadline:  Send your CV at [email protected] by November 20th, 2019.
Interview:  Shortlisted candidates will be called for interview.  If you don’t get any call, you should understand that you didn’t get selected.

If you have any question, feel free to email us either at the e-mail ID provided above or message us in our Facebook page, Kaagmandu Magazine


Thank you.
Wish you all the best.
Looking forward to working with you.


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The new age, affordable, home automation solution



kә’nekt hōm is the new age, affordable, home automation solution particularly designed for Nepaland Nepalis. kә’nekt hōm is built over a robust technology designed and developed in Nepal which has been available to the general public starting from the opening ceremony of CAN Infotech 2019. kә’nekt hōm is undoubtedly the most affordable home automation solution available in Nepal till date.

There is a myth behind IoT (Internet of Things) and Home Automation that it is expensive and is a privilege centered to tech savvy people. We, at VZeal Technologies, beg to differ. Our solution is not only affordable but is particularly designed and developed to serve the peculiar needs of Nepal.

Our solution is targeted to make life easier and simpler for people of all ages; be it your kid or grandparents. Our simple, easy to use and intuitive user interface not only enables you to remotely switch “on” and “off” your lights and appliances, it lets you schedule repetitive tasks like turning on the porch light as sun sets and turning it off when the sun rises; lets you keep track of your power usages; keeps your home safe through use of human sensor, motion sensor, door/window sensor, etc. Try it and we guarantee, you will fall in love with kә’nekt hōm.


• Designed by Nepali company to fulfill Nepali needs. “नेपालमै *या– smart home


• 256 Bit Encrypted secured solution;

• Cheapest Home Automation Solution in Nepal;

• Hassle free solution with no question asked on-site replacement GUARANTEE;

• Works with your existing wiring, switches, and sockets;

• Automate any electrical appliance, any IR or RF remote, schedule ON/OFF timing, and

freedom to control your home from anywhere in the planet;


To know more about the product, please contact us
[email protected] 

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